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CLIP: Teen Titans Go! – Multiple Trick Pony

Warner Bros. Animation has just posted a new clip for the next episode of Teen Titans Go!, which is scheduled to air this coming Thursday, March 19, at 6:00/5:00c on Cartoon Network. Titled “Multiple Trick Pony,” the episode will feature a guest star that will be easily recognized (and sorely missed) by fans of Young Justice.

In Multiple Trick Pony, Kid Flash drops by and makes it known that he wants to join the Titans, but he has to go through Robin first. Unfortunately, the Titans’ leader isn’t so keen on letting the young speedster join his crew because he considers Kid Flash to be a “one trick pony.”

You can check out the clip as well as a bunch of images below:

Young Justice Exclusive Clips: Image

Young Justice Exclusive Clips: Image

Warner Bros. Entertainment has made available two exclusive clips from this week’s episode of Young Justice. Entitled “Image”, the episode deals with a covert operation against Queen Bee’s base of operations in Qurac. The mission puts Miss Martian face to face with her greatest fear and biggest secret, but she has to make a choice: will she reveal her secrets to her teammates, or will she continue to hide them even it if spells doom for the entire team?

Young Justice: Misplaced

Young Justice: Misplaced

In Young Justice: Misplaced, the team finds themselves in a predicament as all the adults in the planet disappear, leaving them as the only line of defense left. They still get help from Zatana and Billy Batson, though…

…but bear in mind that even though a team consisting of Superboy, Zatana, Robin, Kid Flash, Miss Martian, and Aqualad can stop a supervillain or two, they could find themselves having a hard time when dealing with the five most powerful sorcerers on earth. And scratch the Justice League, remember that all the adults in the planet are out of the picture, so don’t expect any of their mentors to lend a helping hand.

Scroll down below to watch a couple of clips showing Zatana fighting Klarion the Witch Boy, as well as a nifty gallery with enough images to tide you over until the show’s return on March 3.

Superboy, Miss Martian give Young Justice Terrors on Cartoon Network

Superboy, Miss Martian give Young Justice Terrors on Cartoon Network

As Cartoon Network eases back into it’s fall season, we get to delve deeper into the lives of the Young Justice League, with brand new episodes of Young Justice. This Friday, September 23rd, we not only get a first hand look at all the good and hope brought about the team, but also the Terrors, as indicated by the episode’s title. With his colleagues Martian Manhunter and Superman, Batman assigns Superboy and Miss Martian to Belle Reve Penitentiary, where they are to go undercover among some of the world’s most dangerous super villains. How’s that for a welcome back? TOON in to see how it all turns out tonight at 6:30pm in Warner Bros.’ Young Justice: Terrors

Young Justice Targets include: Red Arrow, Cheshire, Aqualad, The Light

Young Justice Targets include Red Arrow, Cheshire, Aqualad and The Light

Cartoon Network has some special plans in store for Young Justice tonight, September 16th. Actually, the plans are much more from the villainous League of Shadows, Lex Luthor, Ra’s al Ghul, and The Light. Oh, just them? It all starts when Red Arrow actually prevents Cheshire from taking out Lex Luthor, once and for all — only to later see Roy and Aqualad team to battle with Chesire and Sportsmaster. Meanwhile, Superboy and Miss Martian must tackle an adversary of their own: school! To best handle the challenges, they each adopt their own secret identity; Connor Kent and Megan Morse. Throw in Sportsmaster mentioning something about a mole on the Young Justice team, and you got yourself one jam packed episode – Young Justice: Targets!

Young Justice season 1.5 hits Targets on Cartoon Network, September 16

Young Justice season 1.5 hits Targets on Cartoon Network September 16th

It’s not quite the second season, but with a 6-month break between episodes, we’re happy to refer to this as season 1.5! Whatever you call it, Young Justice starts off with a bang this Friday, September 16th with a brand new episode called Targets. Not only do we get to see the return of all of our favorite Young Justice League (Superboy, Robin, Aqualad, Miss Martian, and Kid Flash) but Red Arrow also drops by – as a surprise to us and the League of Shadows! The group better have enjoyed their time off, because things aren’t going to get any easier moving forward! Especially considering that Superman’s Lex Luthor is teaming with Batman’s Ra’s al Ghul to further the goals of The Light.

Red Arrow returns in Young Justice: Targets on Cartoon Network Sept 16

Red Arrow returns in Young Justice: Targets on Cartoon Network Sept 16

Were you able to keep busy during your summer vacation? Because the team members of Young Justice certainly did! As they gear up for their official return to Cartoon Network, we’ll finally get back into the action with Robin, Superboy, Aqualad, Miss Martian, Red Arrow, and Kid Flash! It all kicks off Friday, September 16th, at 6:30pm (right after Batman: the Brave and the Bold) with the new episode called Targets. In the Warner Bros. toon, Red Arrow looks to put a stop to the League of Shadows once and for all. Unfortunately, things don’t go exactly as planned. How and why? TOON in Friday and find out!

Cartoon Network’s Young Justice is in Denial

Cartoon Network's Young Justice is in Denial

Maybe Cartoon Network wont show Young Justice tonight, February 18th, at 7pm. Maybe the Justice League’s Flash, mentor to Kid Flash, wont be making a special guest appearance. Heck, maybe we’re not even writing any of this for your eyes. Then again, maybe we’re just in denial. Abra Kadabra and Klarion might be better at this game than they appear! That’s the basic premise of tonight’s episode, Denial, when the Young Justice team investigates the disappearance of Kent Nelson; a.k.a Doctor Fate. Its there that Wally West, Flash from Justice League Unlimited, is forced to confront his disbelief in magic while battling Abra Kadabra and Klarion the Witch Boy for the ultra-powerful helmet of fate. Take a look at a sneak peek clip of the Warner Bros. Entertainment series, then TOON in tonight for the full episode!

Young Justice gets Schooled tonight on Cartoon Network

Young Justice gets Schooled tonight on Cartoon Network

Robin, Kid Flash, Superboy, Aqualad, Miss Martian, etc. They’re all amazingly talented individuals, and an even more impressive team when stacked together. But how does the lot compare when going head to head with their icons of the DC Universe, the Justice League? As impressive as Robin is, can he match up with Batman? It’s just this type of conflict that keeps the younger half in training. Superboy seems to be taking this the hardest, specifically due to Superman’s non-acknowledgment of him. When frustration peaks, and the Boy of Steel goes rogue, it could spell the end of both teams. Be sure to TOON in tonight, Friday, February 4th at 7:00 p.m. on Cartoon Network for Young Justice’s latest episode, Schooled.

Robin, Superboy, Kid Flash… who else should be in Young Justice?

Robin, Superboy, Kid Flash... who else should be in Young Justice?

We’re just a few episodes in to Cartoon Network’s latest superhero series Young Justice, and fans are already debating who else should be on the squad. The same was true of the CN’s previous trip through the DC Universe, Justice League, and back then, the channel was more than happy to sprinkle in a number of guest stars, team-ups, and add-ons — even moreso when Justice League Unlimited ballooned the super roster to dozens to heroes. No official talk of expansion yet for the YJ squad, but that wont stop us from making dream teams! Who do you think should join Robin, Superboy, Kid Flash, Aqualad, and Miss Martian? Make Speedy official? Raven from Teen Titans? Static Shock? Blue Beetle from the Brave and the Bold?

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