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Decode Enterprises brings Kid vs Kat worldwide

Decode Enterprises brings Kid vs Kat worldwide

Studio B Productions has a winner on their hands and their paws. Just about two and a half years ago, they launched Kid vs. Kat on YTV to immediate success. This was shortly followed by the premiere on Disney XD. Now Decode Enterprises plans to bring the series all across the world, including TV Azteca and ECTV. The DHX Media toon has a simple premise at heart; a war between a boy and his ...

Rated A for Awesome hits Disney XD

Rated A for Awesome hits Disney XD

They’ve already been Incredible, but this summer, Disney is getting Awesome! In June, Disney XD welcomes Rated A for Awesome, the latest CG animated hit to it’s network. And we’re not just getting it here int he States; 128 countries (including those in the Europe, Africa, Latin America, Asia, and more!) are already signed up. From the producers of Kid vs Kat, Jimmy Two ...

Disney Channel and Disney XD score big 2010 ratings

Disney Channel and Disney XD score big 2010 ratings

In the history of Disney Channel, 2010 is now officially the highest rated year ever, bringing more eyeballs to the network than any other era. The channel averaged over 1.7 million viewers during the span of the entire day, and even beat other other major networks in specific demographics. Disney XD didn’t do too bad itself, pulling in it’s biggest ratings ever – even ...


Disney XD sets a ratings record

Between August 3rd and August 9th, Disney XD had a lot of people tuning in. In fact, it had more people watching during that week than ever before — since Disney XD launched in February, and even before that as Toon Disney. So were you there watching all these shows and bumping up Disney XD’s ratings? And, if so, what cartoon kept bringing you back for more? Phineas and Ferb, Kid ...


Jetix Switched Over in Italy

While most Jetix channels are closing up shop as Disney XD moves in, the group that ran the Jetix channel in Italy is just moving to a new location — and a new name. They have inked a deal to acquire GXT (available via Sky Italia Entertainment Channels Package) and K2 (a free TV channel), both of which are exclusive to the Italian market. The group is now called Switchover Media, and ...


Kid vs Kat

Those of you lucky enough to have Kid vs. Kat in your area, like on YTV in Canada and Jetix Europe, have gotten some great cartooning in the past few months! To those of you who have not — don’t worry, the show is reaching out! Decode Enterprises has signed a number of deals to bring the Studio B Productions around the world. Kid vs Kat will soon appear on Disney Channel India and ...


Disney XD’s Kid vs. Kat

As promised, Disney XD recently debuted Kid vs. Kat, a new animated series from Studio B Production. The series has already appeared on YTV in Canada, and ABC in Australia. Have any of you seen it yet? What do you think? We’d love to hear a review from the fans!! ...


Disney XD hype

To hype up the launch of Disney XD, Disney will feature free preview episodes on iTunes, including an episode of Aaron Stone starting January 29th and preview episodes of Jimmy Two Shoes and Kid vs. Kat starting February 5th.  They will also feature content on Xbox 360, with free preview episodes of Aaron Stone on February 6th, and Jimmy Two Shoes and Kid vs. Kat on February 14th.  Check out a ...


Disney XD’s launch schedule

The launch schedule for Disney XD, which as we already know includes new episodes of Phineas and Ferb, will also feature the new animated series Kid vs. Kat, from Studio B Productions; Jimmy Two Shoes, from Breakthrough Animation and Teletoon; short-form properties, the 3D, CG animated, live-action RoboDZ, from Disney and Toei Animation, and Bruno the Great, an animated series from Studio ...

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