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Yoshi’s Crafted World Gets an Overview Trailer

Nintendo’s Super Mario Franchise is responsible for launching several side characters into mainstream popularity, with some characters going so far as to spawn their own series of standalone games. One such character is Yoshi, who is due for a return soon via a new game titled Yoshi’s Crafted World. Yoshi’s Crafted World is scheduled for a March 29 worldwide launch on the Nintendo ...


New Lengthy Kirby: Battle Royale Trailer Released

Nintendo has just published a new trailer for the upcoming cutesy four-way brawler based on the iconic pink mascot, Kirby. Dubbed Kirby: Battle Royale, the game has been slated for a November 30 release on the Nintendo 3DS in Japan. The trailer is fairly meaty, clocking in at almost six and a half minutes and providing a lot of pertinent details about the game. You can watch the trailer below to ...


VIDEO: Kirby – Planet Robobot Overview Trailer

Nintendo has just released a new meaty “Overview” trailer for the upcoming 3DS game Kirby: Planet Robobot. Clocking in at almost 5 minutes, the trailer gives fans and would-be fans a good glimpse of what the little pink creature has on offer in his latest adventure. This includes 2.5D visuals that look as good as you can get on the Nintendo 3DS, and an expanded amount of content that includes ...


Nintendo 125th: Favorite Character

Nintendo has many characters, so many that its hard to count or remember them all. But out of those handful of characters, everyone has a number one favorite (or two, three, four number one favorites, some people cant decided) So here’s my number one favorite Character- Kirby! For some reason, Kirby was always my favorite character, even though I never played his games as a child and mostly as ...

E3 2011 Game: Kirby Dream Land 4 Wii, Right back at ya

E3 2011 Game: Kirby Dream Land 4 Wii, Right back at ya

Nintendo is bringing yet another Kirby game and this time he’s not in a loop *get it? Because they made Epic Yarn? Yes? Sorry that was bad I’ll shut up and get back to discussing*.  HAL Laboratory and Satoru Iwata are still working on the Kirby game, so not much is known about the new game yet. But Iwata released a new Kirby trailer so not all is lost and it seems like the game can ...

E3 2011: Nintendo Wii U Revealed

E3 2011: Nintendo Wii U Revealed

Nintendo recently revealed their new console Wii 2 – well actually its now known as Nintendo Wii U. The new console comes with a very interesting controller. The controller is like an iPad but better, With this you can sit and watch your own screen while your friends and or family play on the television screen with their “wiimotes,” and when your parents, girlfriend, boyfriend, ...

Kirby and Pokemon titles head to Nintendo Wii

Kirby and Pokemon titles head to Nintendo Wii

Despite all the hubbub about the hot new Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo still knows there’s a loyal following for the beloved Nintendo Wii. Thus, the venerable video game company is happy to oblige with Wii-related news and games, laying out a schedule for the rest of 2011, and making special note of a Kirby title set to hit before year’s end. Kirby, star of the animated “Right Back ...


Welcome back, ToonBarn!

Welcome back everyone!  Hope you all ate well.  The picture above… well, that pretty much sums up my holiday weekend 🙂  But don’t worry, we’re back now — back to cover all the latest and greatest in the world of cartoons, from top to bottom.  So sit back, relax, talk about your Thanksgiving feasts and feats, and get ready for some more ToonBarning ...


4KidsTV Saturdays

The 4KidsTV block on the Fox network is back for its seventh season!  Though some of the shows may have split to appear on the CW4Kids Saturday morning block, many of your favorites are here along with some new series.  Check out the lineup below, which will premiere on Saturday, September 13th. 08:00 AM     Di-Gata Defenders 08:30 AM     Biker Mice From Mars 09:00 AM     Sonic ...

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