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Dragon Ball Fighter Z Roster Continues to Expand with Krillin and Piccolo

A couple of days ago, Bandai Namco has unveiled a new trailer for Dragon Ball Fighter Z that showcases a new character—Mirai Trunks. Now they continue to allay the fears of people who want more than 6 playable characters as the latest issue of V-Jump magazine confirms that Krillin and Piccolo will also be joining the roster. The magazine also reveals that Krillin has a unique combat ability ...


New Ford Ad Features the Wishes on Dream Car of Dragon Ball’s Z Soldiers

Gohan, Krillin and Ford summoned the Namekian Dragon for the famous car maker’s new online advert. The Z Soldiers want to use their three wishes to have their dream car but with the new 2016 Ford Focus, they get their wishes granted and so much more. As the Dragon appears, the Z Soldiers start asking for their wishes. First in the scene was Krillin, who wants an audio system from Sony so that ...


Bleach Chapter 561 Recap and Spoilers: Rose’s Bankai

Chapter 561 of Bleach starts with a fully-released Kensei Mugura rushing towards Mask de Masculine, only to be intercepted by a knee to the gut followed by a headbutt and a series of attacks that broke his arm and took him down for the count. Thankfully, his defeat isn’t a total loss as it leaves an opening for Rose to come in, and he starts by taking out the little sternritter that serves as ...


PokeBall Z Short Makes Mr. Popo More Unsettling than Usual

The upcoming Toriko x One Piece x Dragon ball crossover may seem like you can just take any anime franchise and have the characters cross over to a different one, without things looking out of place. However, Pegbarians’ recent short about characters from Pokemon and Dragonball Z mixing it up with each other shows that there are exceptions to the rule. ...

Dragon Ball Origins 2 ready for Nintendo DS

Dragon Ball Origins 2 ready for Nintendo DS

What’s better than a brand new Dragon Ball Origins game coming out for the Nintendo DS? How about a free portion of that game! On Monday, May 31st, in the heart of the Memorial Day holiday, Nintendo will be offering a free download of the game via the Nintendo Wii’s Nintendo Channel. Dragon Ball Origins 2, Namco Bandai’s sequel to the original Dragon Ball Origins, will hit ...

Dragon Ball: Origins 2 out this summer

Dragon Ball: Origins 2 out this summer

Namco Bandai has announced it is returning to the Origins part of the Nintendo DS Dragon Ball genre with this summer’s Dragon Ball: Origins 2. The sequel to the original will feature stylus-controlled action, but unlike some of Nintendo’s other games (we’re looking at you, Zelda!) you have the option to switch to the more traditional buttons if you’d like. A two-player ...

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