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Play Adventure Time: Jumping Finn for Free


It’s time once again for an addictive game that you can play straight from your browser. This time around, it’s Adventure Time: Jumping Finn. As the title denotes, this flash game is based on Pendleton Ward and Cartoon Network’s hit fantasy comedy series, and stars series protagonists Jake and Finn.

The premise is simple: the Ice King has once again kidnapped Princess Bubblegum, and it is up to the duo to rescue her. However, the Ice Kingdom isn’t exactly located next door, so they have to go with Jake’s plan – kick Finn all the way to the Ice Kingdom. They don’t have to do it alone, though, as they’ll be getting some help from Marceline and Lady Rainicorn.

Adventure Time: Dream of Love Review

Adventure Time: Dream of Love

“Dream of Love” is the fourth episode in season four of Adventure Time. Finn and Jake, as usual, are out having fun. As they roll down a hill, they are laughing as they reach the bottom. Finn tells Jake about all the things they are gonna do, including getting an apple pie from Tree Trunks, and listening to Princess Bubblegum’s Concert. As they run to Tree Trunk’s house to eat apple pie, the pig that was last seen in season 3 unexpectedly pops up and explains how he never left after the events in the episode, “Apple Thief”. The Pig admits his love for Tree Trunks to Finn and Jake, but then quickly gets embarrassed about it. Finn convinces the pig to confess his feelings. The pig gives a dramatic love speech when Tree Trunks comes out. Tree Trunks responds by claiming she feels the same way. Then they hug each other.

Going From Bad to Worse on Adventure Time’s Halloween special

Going From Bad to Worse on Adventure Time's Halloween special

Finn and Jake have been on some pretty awesome adventures. Some have been magical, some have been fantastical, some have even flipped the world on end and turned Finn and Jake into Fionna and Cake! However, in tonight’s Halloween special episode, this go From Bad to Worse! The problem starts when Princess Bubblegum accidentally unleashes a zombie epidemic across the Land of Ooo. …again! This same plague already caused a bit of damage in Slumber Party Panic, so its more than a little disturbing to see their green-glowing, candy-eating ways once more. Rumor has it, this time, they even get to Jake – will the Candy People and Chocolate Bar Guy be too much for our hero?? What will happen?! TOON in to Adventure Time tonight on Cartoon Network to find out!!

Adventure Time: My Two Favorite People DVD on September 27th

Adventure Time: My Two Favorite People DVD on September 27th

Cartoon Network is bringing one of their latest and greatest toons home to DVD later this year. Adventure Time, which has quickly worked its way to becoming an all-time classic series on the CN, will get its first ever DVD package courtesy of Warner Home Video, on September 27th with the release of Adventure Time: My Two Favorite People. Fans can follow the adventures of Finn, Jake, and other folks across the kingdoms through 12 different episodes. Check out the full list and box art!

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