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Multi-Territory Launch for Sassy Pets

Hub Media ang Global Genesis Group announce that Sassy Pets will have its international premiere on Amazon Digital and Amazon Prime in July in Germany, U. S. and Japan. Sazzy Pets is a CG-animated preschool series produced by SLS Atelier, a Singapore-based family entertainment house. The series is set in Sazzyland, an enchanting world where the Sazzy, the little goat princess and her friends ...


DreamWorks Launches DreamWorks Press

DreamWorks Animation has just announced that they will be launching a new in-house publishing outfit called DreamWorks Press, which will publish digital and print books based on the studio’s rich library of IPs. DreamWorks Press will also join with The Perseus Books Group in order to help with the sale and distribution of their line of digital and print books via Perseus’ Publishers Group ...


Pokemon Bank and Poke Transporter Launch Delayed

The headline is a bit confusing with regard to whether it’s good or bad news, but it’s actually a bit of both: Nintendo originally scheduled the North American launch of their Pokemon Bank app for December 27, but the sheer number of fans who wanted to download the subscription-based (yet temporarily free) app and register for new Nintendo Network Ids on the Japanese side has resulted in ...


Toon Goggles Launches New Channel on Roku

Children’s entertainment portal Toon Goggles has recently launched a channel on the Roku streaming platform, bringing its rich library of kid-friendly content to Roku customers in the US, Canada, UK, and the Republic of Ireland. The specially designed Toon Goggles channel on Roku will offer instant, on-demand access to Toon Goggles’ line up of free live-action and animated content for ...


Nickelodeon to Launch Paw Patrol in August

This coming August 12, 8:30 pm ET/PT, Nickelodeon will be launching a brand new CG animated preschool show about a bunch of heroic puppies titled Paw Patrol. The show is a co-production with Spin Master Entertainment, and features a curriculum focused on social skills and problem solving. ...


From your TV to your hands! Ultimate Spider-man comic and release date!

Fans of Spider-man are gonna be crazy about it, including me! The new cover of Spidey’s new “Ultimate Spider-man!” comic book has been posted on Man of Action’s blog. It’s going on sale this April! Oh! That remids me about another news bit about the Web-Head! “Ultimate Spider-man” will launch (NO FOOLIN) on April 1st! See the cover after the cut: ...


The Troop

Nickelodeon will launch a brand new comedy / sci-fi series this Friday, September 18th, called The Troop. The series, which kicks off with a mini-marathon of three episodes starting at 8pm, will be a mix of live action and CG animation. The story takes place in high school, where kids are just struggling to get by. Sounds normal, right? Well, there’s also a secret society made up of a ...


DisneyXD launches it’s new site!

First, the Disney Channel becomes Disney XD.  Now, Disney Online has launched a new site for Disney XD fans, “based heavily on themes of adventure, accomplishment, gaming, music and sports.” promises to deliver the games – featuring a “vast selection of action, adventure and sports themed games.”  Welcome to the web, DisneyXD [Source: ...


Disney XD hype

To hype up the launch of Disney XD, Disney will feature free preview episodes on iTunes, including an episode of Aaron Stone starting January 29th and preview episodes of Jimmy Two Shoes and Kid vs. Kat starting February 5th.  They will also feature content on Xbox 360, with free preview episodes of Aaron Stone on February 6th, and Jimmy Two Shoes and Kid vs. Kat on February 14th.  Check out a ...

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