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Update on Dreamworks Layoffs. It is Much, Much, Much Worse.

The western animation industry has taken one of the biggest blows in its history. And the VFX market is heading towards dislocation. PDI/Dreamworks Redwood, was one of  the biggest CGI production companies in history. They produced some of the most high end CGI this side of ILM, and they were the best in the business from 1983 to 1992. Some of those fantastic works pre Dreamworks will be shown ...


Disney Planning Layoffs

According to the Hollywood trades, Disney is planning to lay off employees within the next two weeks. The layoffs will be coming primarily from the studio’s marketing and home video divisions, with a smaller number coming from animation. The layoffs are the result of an internal audit that was ordered by company CEO Bob Iger, who is looking to save money to boost profits. ...

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