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Warner Bros. Reveal Dates for Two New LEGO Movies

Phil Lord and Chris Miller’s The LEGO Movie made big waves at the box office earlier this year, thanks to a refreshing take on a popular toy brand, the inclusion of iconic DC characters, and a genuinely hilarious and affecting story. Now, Warner Bros. is preparing to do it all over again as they have just announced two new additional films set in the same LEGO-inspired universe.

Simon Cowell to Develop Animated Features with Animal Logic

Australian Animation and VFX company Animal Logic (The LEGO Movie, Happy Feet) has recently partnered with X Factor creator Simon Cowell’s Syco Entertainment in order to focus on creating a line of animated and hybrid live-action/animated films.

The two companies already have a number of projects in their slate, but both are planning to leverage each of their respective relationships in the film and music industry in order to bring together world-class talent for their projects. Their first project, which is a hybrid live-action/animated music-based film, will be released in 2016.

Lego Movie Outtakes Released

If you’ve watched Warner Bros. The Lego Movie (which was released last weekend,) chances are you’ve had enough laughs to last for the whole week. However, in cases where it’s not enough and you find yourself looking for a way to relive the experience, Warner Bros. has posted a new video clip designed as a mock “outtakes and bloopers” featurette for the characters.

You can check it out below:

First Official Trailer for The LEGO Movie

First Official Trailer for The LEGO Movie

The first official trailer for the upcoming CG animated comedy film The LEGO Movie has just been released, showing off enough footage to convince even the most hardened of LEGO fans to give it a watch.

The LEGO Movie will feature the voices of Will Ferrell, Chris Pratt, and Will Arnett, and will focus on an ordinary guy named Emmet, who found himself being mistaken as someone called The Special, who is said to be the savior of the LEGO universe from an evil tyrant planning to glue everything together.

You can watch the video below (check out the comedic take on Batman):

Warner Bros. Announces LEGO Movie

Warner Bros. Announces LEGO Movie

Warner Bros. has recently announced the release date for their upcoming CG-animated feature based on the LEGO franchise: Feb. 28, 2014. Warner Bros. LEGO feature will be helmed by Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, and will be based on a story penned by Dan and Kevin Hageman, featuring some of the most popular characters from LEGO, as well as new ones that were made specifically for the movie.

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