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Stitch & Ai debuts in South East Asia

Last year, we told you about an all-new series based on Disney’s Lilo and Stitch franchise. The Chinese-animated Stitch & Ai has now debuted in South East Asia. Disney Channel Asia premiered the first English language episode of the show on February 5th, with episodes airing Mondays through Thursdays. Produced by Wanxin Medi and Panimation Hwakai Media in association with Disney, the ...


Disney’s Stitch returns in new Chinese series Stitch & Ai

Disney’s Lilo & Stitch just turned 15 years old on June 21, 2017 and while news on the franchise has gone cold in North America, it’s still going strong in Asia. The Stitch! anime series got a new TV special in 2015 called A Perfect Memory that debuted in English on South East Asian Disney TV channels last year. Now it’s time for China to shine as the house that Mickey Mouse ...

Anime Version of Lilo and Stitch Still Popular in Japan

Anime Version of Lilo and Stitch Still Popular in Japan

In the US, the popularity of Disney’s huggable blue alien and his best friend has already waned and given way to new franchises, but Japan is a different story, as the Japanese version of Disney’s Lilo & Stitch will be returning to Japanese televisions this June in a new 1 hr anime called Stitch! To Suna no Wakusei (Stitch and the Planet of Sand). Planet of Sand is a follow up to the ...


Stitch! anime explodes onto Disney XD

Disney’s lovable alien experiment, Stitch will have made his debut on Disney XD Monday in the US television premiere of Stitch! the Japanese anime series produced by Madhouse. After globe trotting, the English version of this series will finally make its debut. But this time, Stitch doesn’t have Lilo by his side. He has a new friend Yuna, as the alien and his friends live in an ...

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