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Sony Picks Up Rights to Live Action Robotech

These days, any Hollywood live action adaptation of Japanese animated properties, will automatically earn the scrutiny of viewers, as the string of failures (both in terms of shoddy products and projects that were consigned to development limbo) have already left a bad taste in people’s mouths.

However, it seems like Sony hasn’t been paying attention (or they’re extremely confident), as Variety has just reported that the studio has acquired the movie rights to Harmony Gold’s Robotech franchise (which in turn is just a Frankenstein localization of several Tatsunoko-produced mecha anime; Super Dimension Fortress Macross, Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross, and Genesis Climber MOSPEADA.) and they are allegedly planning to use the license for a live action movie.

Disney Developing Live-Action Adaptation of Dumbo

According to a recent report by THR, Disney is currently developing a new live-action take on the iconic 1941 animated classic Dumbo. The script is written by Ehren Kruger (Transformers), while also serving as co-producer alongside Justine Springer (Tron: Legacy, Oblivion.)

For the uninitiated (or for those who have already forgotten,) Dumbo focuses on the story of a baby circus elephant who is made fun of because of his abnormally large ears. The new live action adaptation will take the original movie and add a unique family story that parallels Dumbo’s story.

New Gatchaman Anime Slated for Summer

gatchaman battle of the planets

A live action version of the iconic Gatchaman anime franchise has been confirmed for August, but fans of the series should not be content with just the live action series, as Tsuritama’s Kenji Nakamura is reportedly slated to direct “Gatchaman Crowds,” which is essentially a reboot of the Gatchaman anime. Sources are stating that it will be a departure from the classic version of the fowl-themed superheroes.

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