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The Death of Superman SDCC Cast Interviews; Blu-ray Releases 8/7!

A day before the big Ultra HD Blu-ray Combo Pack release, we are proud to present our interviews of the voice cast of The Death of Superman, directly from the World Premiere at San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) 2018. ToonBarn Head Writer Marc Morrell has interviews with Jerry O’Connell (Superman), Rebecca Romijn (Lois Lane), Jason O’Mara (Batman) and Christopher Gorham (Flash).

Superman Retrospective ’86 – ’99 pt. 8


You can check out the previous installments of this rather lengthy series here.

action comics 591

Action Comics #591

If the cover isn’t clear enough for you, this issue has Superman fighting Superboy while the Legion of Superheroes watch from a safe distance and bet on which one’s going to come out on top. The issue also has Krypto the super dog, and some semblance of comic book continuity. In the interest of saving you a lot of time, don’t bother wondering who won. I read the issue five times, used an excel spreadsheet to score each combatant, and I’m still not entirely sure who won.

As for why they are fighting, Superman #8 had Superman learning of a parallel reality where Clark Kent already had fully developed powers as a kid, became Superboy, and traveled to the future and joined the Legion of Super-Heroes. It turns out this was all part of an extremely roundabout ruse by a villain named The Time Trapper. He’s a guy who lives at the end of time and spends all day watching costumed teenagers through his time portals, apparently. TTT is so obsessed with those crazy kids at the Legion of Super-Heroes that he created an entire universe where Superboy exists and then had the Boy of Steel infiltrate the team. There was probably a less complicated way to get a spy in there, but you have to admire the guy’s insanity/dedication.

Anyway, Superman ends up in Superboy’s universe and meets alternate versions of his friends and family in Smallville, then gets into a fight with Superboy (who is under the control of The Time Trapper) and his intelligent flying dog Krypto. However, Superman then realizes Superboy is intentionally throwing the fight because he doesn’t want to obey the Traper’s orders anymore. So, Superboy turns good again and he and the Legion of Super-Heroes go off to fight The Time Trapper at the end of time, but they don’t let Superman come with them because he’s old and lame. (And to protect the sanctity of the timestream I guess.)

Superman Retrospective ’86 – ’99 pt. 1

Maxwell Yezpitelok's Superman Retrospective '86 - '99

I’m more of a comics guy than a cartoon guy, but it turns out that a lot of comic book characters also have cartoon shows, so it kind of fits. This is going to be a thorough chronological examination of the best/worst period in Batman’s history, but I saw that Toonbarn already has way too much real estate devoted to the bats and it turns out that I had a more extensive library of Superman’s comic books from ’86 – ’99. Thus begins my in-depth examination of every single Superman continuity comic between 1986 and 1999 (even the ones that really suck).

Released Today – Man of Steel™ Blu-Ray Review

Man of Steel Blu-ray Combo Pack Available Today

The fate of mankind is in the hands of one man when Man of Steel™ arrives onto Blu-ray 3D Combo Pack, Blu-ray Combo Pack, DVD 2-disc Special Edition, 3D Limited Collector’s Edition and Digital Download on November 12 from Warner Bros. Home Entertainment. In Man of Steel, Clark Kent is forced to confront his extraterrestrial past and embrace his hidden powers when Earth is threatened with destruction.

ToonBarn readers: we will say this only once. If you only get one Blu-Ray Disc this year, get MAN OF STEEL™. Period.

You get over 4 hours of special features on this collection, and you can see the movie 2 different ways:

1. The original film as it was released in theaters, in all of it’s detailed and rich digital glory, or
2. Watch the movie with Zack Snyder, cast and crew members walking you through it, showing you Man of Steel from their perspective.

New DC Nation Clip – Tales of Metropolis: Lois


Warner Bros. Animation has just released a non-exclusive clip for the new DC Nation short titled “Tales of Metropolis: Lois,” which is a comedic take on one of Metropolis’ premiere journalists, Lois Lane.

In the clip, Lois Lane tries her best to interview and pry some confidential information out of Batman. Of course, everybody knows that THE Batman has no intention of revealing the slightest bit of information about himself, especially if it doesn’t serve a purpose other than pad another journalist’s resume. Lois, on the other hand, proves just how persistent she can be. You can watch the clip below:

Robot Chicken DC Comics Special DVD Preview

Robot Chicken DC Comics Special Blu-Ray/DVD Releases on Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The first thing you notice when you watch the Robot Chicken DC Comics Special DVD is the menu has the original theme from CHALLENGE OF THE SUPERFRIENDS (debut: Sept. 9, 1978) playing in a loop, which was the first time the Legion of Doom was introduced in the Saturday Morning Cartoons we all loved as kids. If you didn’t have the chance to see the RCDC Special when it debuted on Adult Swim last September, the menu immediately identifies which version of the JLA/Superfriends they are lampooning on the DVD. Thank GOD! Thankfully, we weren’t put through the ringer with Marvin, Wendy, Wonderdog, the Wonder Twins or Gleek. In “Challenge of the Superfriends”, we weren’t distracted by lame characters thrown in for comic relief, and we were able to focus on the fact that Robin and Aquaman really don’t contribute a whole lot to the Justice League’s successes.

Robot Chicken DC Comics Special coming to DVD/Blu-Ray on July 9, 2013

Robot Chicken DC Comics Special on DVD/Blu-Ray July 9, 2013

The Robot Chicken DC Comics Special will be available on July 9, 2013, with a plethora of DC Comics sketch comedy parodies in an all-new Adult Swim Blu-ray and DVD release. Stoopid Buddy Stoodios, in partnership with DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. Animation, adds to its existing repertoire of themed specials, like the previously released Robot Chicken Star Wars Trilogy. This particular special, which boasts an all-star cast as well as some of the classic characters Robot Chicken fans have grown to love, provides a hilarious take on some of the most iconic superheroes from the DC Comics universe.

The special’s all-star cast includes series co-creator and executive producer Seth Green as Batman, Robin and the put-upon Aquaman; Neil Patrick Harris as Two-Face; Alfred Molina as Lex Luthor; Nathan Fillion as the Green Lantern; Megan Fox as Lois Lane; series and special writer/voice talent Breckin Meyer as Superman, plus Abe Benrubi, Alex Borstein, Clare Grant, Tara Strong, series co-creator and executive producer Matthew Senreich, series co-head writer/co-executive producer Tom Root, series director Zeb Wells and Kevin Shinick as co-producer, writer and narrator.

Supergirl and Lois Lane Featured in Superman: Unbound Preview Clip

Supergirl and Lois Lane from Superman: Unbound

Warner Bros. Animation and Warner Bros. Home Entertainment have released another preview of Superman: Unbound, the next entry in the popular series of DC Universe Animated Original Movies. This time, they are featuring a scene which includes Supergirl and Lois Lane, played by CASTLE’s Molly Quinn and Stana Katic, respectively. Check it out:

New Superman Short from Rob Pratt: Bizarro Classic (also, in 3D!)

New Superman Short from Rob Pratt: Bizarro Classic (also, in 3D!)

Veteran animator Rob Pratt has just posted a follow up to his hit animated short “Superman Classic”, which – as the name implies – is based on the classic 1940s Superman serials. The short was so awesome that we don’t know why no WB exec has seen it yet and asked Pratt to do a full length one, even if for free.

Pratt’s latest animated short is entitled “Bizarro Classic”, in which Superman finds himself juggling duties as he tries to avoid Lois Lane’s attempts to prove that he and Clark Kent are the same person, all the while facing his imperfect clone – Bizarro.

Reinventing Superman while Rebooting DC Comics

Reinventing Superman while Rebooting DC Comics

Look! Not far from the ground! It’s a …guy! Hm. The old taglines just don’t seem like they’re going to fit this time around! But that’s sort of what DC Comics is hoping as they creep closer to the big reboot of the entire DC Universe, ushering in a new Superman for a new era. While he’s still known as Kal-El from Krypton and Clark Kent from Earth, this Superman shows much more of his Kryptonian heritage, trying to find his place on our world. And he’ll have to do so without parents (biological or adopted) and Lois Lane, the latter no longer his steady girl – just another young lady at the Daily Planet. We’ll see how Superman learns his evolving powers, just as we learn them right along with him.

Smallville finale tonight, Clark Kent becomes Superman

Smallville finale tonight, Clark Kent becomes Superman

For ten years, the CW has been building on the saga of Superman. The story is generally known: boy arrives to earth from a distant planet Krypton, gets every awesome super power, then becomes the greatest super hero of all time. But Smallville has told the inbetween chapters that are so often overlooked, the days and years just before the boy becomes a man. Sure, Clark Kent has known he’s had powers for quite some time, but what moments actually made him decide to become Superman? Tonight is not only the finale of season 10, it is Smallville’s series finale; a 2-hour special starting at 8pm. The idea is that Clark’s full journey to become DC Comics’ most iconic hero will cap (cape?) off the evening. With maybe a dastardly Lex Luthor plot along the way. TOON in to the adventure tonight, to see the end of the beginning.

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