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Pat & Stan

Pat & Stan, your favorite hippo & dog combo, are going to spread themselves all over the world! TV-Loonland has worked deals with the CGI animated series to air on NRK in Norway, YLE in Finland, Icelandic Broadcasting Corp, Jetix Europe, TSR in Switzerland, and TV5 Monde in France. New episodes of the cartoon are in production now, and should be ready to air later this year. ...


Little Princess joins TV-Loonland

TV-Loonland is happy to welcome the animated series Little Princess to its lineup.  The show can be seen in two different areas of the dial in Spain: on TVE Spain and Cartoon Network Spain.  Big Picture Entertainment will be offering the series on DVD in early fall of 2009. ...


Leon to LoonLand

CBBC will soon be able to air Leon, the new CGI animated series from TV-Loonland in December… 2009!  (Doh!)  Leon revolves around the slapstick misadventures of the unluckiest lion around.  He has true hunter instinct and plots tirelessly to track everything that moves! Each episode brings a new encounter – be it with a dippy springbok, hysterical hyenas or even a love struck ...

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