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Warner Bros Launches Lego Lord of the Rings

Warner Bros Launches Lego Lord of the Rings

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has joined forces with TT Games in order to develop and launch a new LEGO game based on J.R.R. Tolkien’s massively popular property The Lord of the Rings for both the Nintendo 3DS and the PS Vita handheld systems. ...

Coca-Cola breathes fire on Super Bowl XLV

Coca-Cola breathes fire on Super Bowl XLV

As we’ve shown over the past few days, last week’s big game, Super Bowl XLV, brought a lot to the table in the world of animation. Rango, Rio, Eminem, and others helped show how toons can shine during the year’s most popular media event. Coca-Cola has been a long-time advertiser, with commercial spots appearing during almost every Super Bowl in the history of the game. ...

Omnilab Media and The Jim Henson Company prep Power of the Dark Crystal, sequel to Dark Crystal

Omnilab Media and The Jim Henson Company prep Power of the Dark Crystal, sequel to Dark Crystal

The Dark Crystal is legendary cult classic film from the earlier days of The Jim Henson Company. Released in 1982, the darker tone of the epic adventure film made audiences completely rethink the idea of “Muppets”, with demonic creations and incredibly detailed, Lord of the Rings-type settings. Now, some 30 years later, Omnilab Media’s Ambience Entertainment and The Jim ...

CBBC's Muddle Earth

CBBC’s Muddle Earth

Joe, a boy from ordinary Earth, has been summoned by the wizard Randalf and his apprentice Newt, fights evil, confronts The Horned Baron, battles with Doctor Cuddles… geez, what is this? Sounds like Lord of the Rings! Close, actually – it’s Muddle Earth, a new CBBC series that recently premiered, based on Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell’s novel. The digitally animated ...


Special Agent Oso marathon

In an effort to test its popularity, the Disney Channel hosted a mini-marathon for its animated series Special Agent Oso yesterday morning, August 24th, between 8am and 10pm. And its a good thing it did, because it showed how popular the toon is! Oso, voiced by Sean Astin (Samwise Gamgee in the Lord of the Rings) will likely have many more mini-marathons in the future to showcase its new ...


The Dark Crystal 2

In 1982, Jim Henson and Frank Oz brought a movie to the big screen that could be described as “Sesame Street” meets “Lord of the Rings”. That movie was The Dark Crystal; a fantastic journey with creepy monsters and innocent creatures, from another planet in another time. Through the courage of a young orphan named Jen, the Mystics are able to recover the Dark ...


Batman’s “The Dark Knight” tops $1 billion

Batfans, rejoice! (yaaay!) The Caped Crusader hit another huge milestone this past week. As of Friday, February 20th, Batman’s latest hit movie, The Dark Knight, has officially made more than $1 billion dollars in theaters! The Dark Knight is just the fourth movie to hit that total, joining Titanic, The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, and Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead ...

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