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Qubo Channel launches four new kids series

This week saw the launch of four new kids series on the Qubo Channel; Sammy’s Story Shop, Maisy, Gofrette, and Adventures From the Book of Virtues.  The 4 started on Monday, November 3rd, along with the debut of a new season of Dragon, and new episodes of Babar, Rupert, 3-2-1Penguins, Miss BG, My Friend Rabbit, […]

Nickelodeon Other Cartoons

Maisy mouses to qubo

Get it?  Cuz she’s a mouse.  So she …mouses…  aww.  AHEM.  Anyway, Maisy, the adorable little mouse that has formerly appeared on Nickelodeon channels, like Noggin, will now make her appearance on qubo!  The series is based on the original books by Lucy Cousins, following Maisy the mouse and her animal friends throughout their adventures.