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The Simpsons Finally Makes Its Way to China

It’s well known that Western film and TV properties usually have a hard time gaining a foothold in China, and that producers and studios usually have to make concessions and edit/add scenes just to get their movies shown. Fox Television and Matt Groening’s iconic animated TV series The Simpsons will be joining the list of popular American properties that will be shown in China. The landmark ...

Iron Man: The Complete Animated Series out today

Iron Man: The Complete Animated Series out today

Thanks to Marvel and the mega popularity of Iron Man 2 and the film franchise, today marks the release of Iron Man: The Complete Animated Series. Witness the action-packed adventure, originally part of The Marvel Action Hour, from the very beginning as billionaire inventor Tony Stark dons his invincible suit of iron to battle the villainous Mandarin and the power of his ten deadly rings. With ...

Marvel's Iron Man: The Complete Animated Series

Marvel’s Iron Man: The Complete Animated Series

On May 7th, theaters are opening up millions of seats for adoring fans to see the premiere of Iron Man 2. It might be difficult to grab a ticket for the premiere, but what if we told you Marvel, Disney, and good ole Stan Lee were bringing some metallic super hero straight to your home on May 4th? In steps Iron Man: The Complete 1994 Animated Television Series on DVD! Considered the Ultimate ...


ChinaToon launches on Nickelodeon

Nickelodeon has made plans to launch ChinaToon, a one-hour block with shows presented in Mandarin. The block will debut across 13 territories in Southeast Asia this week. Within the block will be two Chinese-animated series; Magic Wonderland and Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf. Magic Wonderland, produced by Zhejiang Zhongnan Group Animation Video and China Central Television, stars a family of ...


Ni Hao, Kai-lan season two

The second season of Nickelodeon’s Ni Hao, Kai-lan will launch on Monday, May 11th. The debut will feature all new episodes all week long, Monday through Friday, at 11am on Nick Jr. The cartoon will continue to entertain and teach about different culture types, especially Mandarin, as well as continue to be just as cute as ever! ...


Iron Man: Armored Adventures

Nicktoons Network is ready to bring Iron Man: Armored Adventures to the air in 2009.  The story follows a 17 year old Tony Stark who nearly loses his life and his father, Howard Stark, in a fatal plane crash. He builds a device that keeps him alive using his high level of intelligence.  Then, three years later, Tony builds a high-tech suit of armor to help him become the fabled hero Iron Man. ...

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