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Cartoon Network and Adventure Time Celebrate Princess Day

This month, Cartoon Network will be celebrating all things princess-y via a new Adventure Time episode titled Adventure Time: Princess Day. The episode will be debuting on DVD on July 29, followed by a normal airing on the network on July 31, 7pm. The episode will shine a spotlight on the various princesses that have become part of the show.

In Adventure Time: Princess Day, the titular event is celebrated in the magical land of Ooo! as Lumpy Space Princess and Marceline join forces in order to play a prank on Breakfast Princess.

Play Adventure Time: Jumping Finn for Free


It’s time once again for an addictive game that you can play straight from your browser. This time around, it’s Adventure Time: Jumping Finn. As the title denotes, this flash game is based on Pendleton Ward and Cartoon Network’s hit fantasy comedy series, and stars series protagonists Jake and Finn.

The premise is simple: the Ice King has once again kidnapped Princess Bubblegum, and it is up to the duo to rescue her. However, the Ice Kingdom isn’t exactly located next door, so they have to go with Jake’s plan – kick Finn all the way to the Ice Kingdom. They don’t have to do it alone, though, as they’ll be getting some help from Marceline and Lady Rainicorn.

Finn and Jake are trapped in Marceline’s Closet

Finn and Jake are trapped in Marceline's Closet

You ever decide to do something fun, only to later realize how stupid it is? Like say, for example, you know a nearby vampire, who may or may not have a mean streak. If she left her house for a day, would you try to sneak in and see what she had going on in there? Well, Finn and Jake would, if that helps clear things up, and now the boys are in a whole world of trouble. Actually, they’re in a whole closet of trouble!

No One Can Hear You, Finn, so no Adventure Time

No One Can Hear You Finn, so no Adventure Time

Finn is quite the imaginative young man, always able to think up the greatest stuff and let his creativity steer the regular journeys he goes on with everyone else in the Land of Ooo. But, what if there was no one else? No Jake, no Princess, no Marceline – not a single other citizen of Ooo? Sorta cuts short the adventure portion of Adventure Time. Such is the premise of November 14th’s episode of Adventure Time, titled No One Can Hear You. In the tale, Finn is in some sort of terrible accident, which leaves him bruised and broken, temporarily bound to a wheel chair. After apparently being a sleep for sometime, he emerges to find everyone is missing. Can he get everything back to normal? TOON in to Cartoon Network at 8pm on Monday to find out!

Adventure Time With Fionna and Cake on Cartoon Network September 5th

Adventure Time With Fionna and Cake on Cartoon Network September 5th

Cartoon Network’s Adventure Time has been one of the most inventive and creative cartoons in a long, long while, doing everything it can to flip things on their side. Which is why we’re so incredibly impressed at this next upcoming episode, for on Labor Day Monday, September 5th, Adventure Time with Finn and Jake becomes Adventure Time with Fionna and Cake! The premise of the episode is an alternate reality, where Princess BubbleGum is actually Prince Gumball, the Ice King is now the Ice Queen, and Marshall Lee as Marceline. Fionna and Cake obviously take the parts of Finn and Jake, ready to head out on their own Adventure Time!

Adventure Time Memory of a Memory on Cartoon Network

Adventure Time Memory of a Memory on Cartoon Network

Cartoon Network has been roaring along lately with the awesome animated offerings, and Adventure Time continually ranks on top of the list for what we’re getting! Tonight’s episode (airing July 25th, for you calendar folks out there!) finds Finn and Jake inside Marceline’s mind. That’s right, you read correctly – we’re adventuring inside a brain! When Marceline accidentally casts a sleep spell on herself, it’s up to our boys (er… boy and dog) to “head” inside, find her Memory Core, and retrieve the spell from her memory, or else she’ll sleep on forever. It’s kind of like Inception, with a whole lot of Rag Wizard thrown in. Check out these sneak peek teaser clips and let us know what you think – then head over to the CN tonight and check out the episode for yourself!

Cartoon Network plays Adventure Time toys this Fall

Cartoon Network plays Adventure Time toys this Fall

Since April of 2010, Adventure Time has dominated Cartoon Network. The Pendleton Ward and Frederator Studios toon follows Finn and Jake throughout the Land of Ooo. Throw in some magical powers, some imagination overload, and some of the oddest stories you’ve ever enjoyed, and Adventure Time is great new chapter in the world of animation. Now, the CN is working with Jazwares to build a toy line based on the animated series. We’ll get action figures, plush toys, role play items, books, stickers, bags, and more Algebraic stuff that you probably can’t even think of yet. Check out the press release for more info.

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