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Kinsane Entertainment puts YOUNG CAPTAIN NEMO on its radar

Kinsane Entertainment reels in the film, TV, mobile game and podcast rights for hit deep-sea comedy-adventure book trilogy YOUNG CAPTAIN NEMO by Jason Henderson

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Spread Snack World anime like peanut butter

Snack World: Is it anime or animation? Who cares?!? It goes down like peanut butter and is more plentiful!

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A decree from the countess of cartoon storytelling: a book review of Animating Short Stories by Cheryl Briggs

Once upon a time . . . they lived happily ever after. The reason for such everlasting bliss is that they – ambitious, upstart animation pros – have devoured Cheryl Briggs’ newest publication entitled Animating Short Stories: Narrative Techniques and Visual Design (Bloomsbury Academic).

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The History of the Future of Console Wars: A conversation with bestselling author Blake J. Harris

Blake J. Harris speaks frankly with Marlene Sharp about his bestselling books Console Wars and The History of the Future