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Play Adventure Time: Fionna Fights from Your Browser


If you’re looking for a new Adventure Time game, particularly one that you can play straight from your browser, you’re in luck. Because we have just added Adventure Time: Fionna Fights into our Game section, giving you a chance to step into the shoes of Adventure Time’s gender-swapped duo, Fionna and Cake.

In Fionna Fights, Finn’s female counterpart and Marshall Lee were on their way to Lumpy Space Prince’s party when a swarm of monsters appeared. That means you, as Fionna, will have to bust some bad guys using you sword.

Adventure Time: Fionna and Cake Comes Out on DVD This February


One of the most popular aces up Adventure Time’s sleeve is the gender-swapped versions of protagonists Finn and Jake, the female Fionna and Cake, both of whom are well-loved by fans of the hit animated comedy series despite having limited appearances compared to the other mainstays.

Fionna, Cake, and the rest of the gender-swapped characters (including the Neil Patrick Harris-voiced Prince Gumball and the Donald Glover-voiced Marshall Lee) will be returning this February via the episode “Bad Little Boys,” and Cartoon Network is going to remind everyone of what they should be expecting by releasing the new DVD titled Adventure Time: Fionna and Cake around the same time.

Neil Patrick Harris and Donald Glover to Guest Star in Adventure Time

Neil Patrick Harris and Donald Glover to Guest Star in Adventure Time

Cartoon Network has just announced that critically acclaimed comedic actors Neil Patrick Harris (How I Met Your Mother, Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog, Doogie Howser M.D.) and Donald Glover (Community) will be guest staring in a very special episode of the hit animated comedy series Adventure Time.

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