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LEGO Batman: The Movie – DC Super Heroes Unite – First Preview Clip Released

LEGO Batman: The Movie - DC Superheroes Unite

The first official clip from LEGO BATMAN: THE MOVIE – DC SUPER HEROES UNITE has been released by Warner Bros. Home Entertainment. DC SUPER HEROES UNITE is a full-length animated feature film based on the popular TT Animation video game. The film will be available as a Blu-ray Combo Pack, DVD and OnDemand starting May 21, 2013. It is now available to own via Digital Download. That’s right! You can get it NOW on iTunes for $19.99. The initial Blu-ray Combo Pack & DVD release will include an exclusive Lego Clark Kent/Superman figurine on pack while supplies last.

Justice League Doom takes DC Comics Tower of Babel to Blu-ray and DVD

Justice League Doom takes DC Comics Tower of Babel to Blu-ray and DVD

As we’ve learned from the Cartoon Network toons, Justice League and Justice League Unlimited, The Justice League is a pretty darn powerful group. I mean, fighting the likes of Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, and the countless other juggernauts makes for a pretty big event. As scary as some of the bigger villains are, like Lex Luthor and the Joker, there’s not many bad guys that have the plans to take on the League. So what does Warner Premiere and DC Comics do? They have create Justice League: Doom, a story where Batman takes them all down!

Superboy, Miss Martian give Young Justice Terrors on Cartoon Network

Superboy, Miss Martian give Young Justice Terrors on Cartoon Network

As Cartoon Network eases back into it’s fall season, we get to delve deeper into the lives of the Young Justice League, with brand new episodes of Young Justice. This Friday, September 23rd, we not only get a first hand look at all the good and hope brought about the team, but also the Terrors, as indicated by the episode’s title. With his colleagues Martian Manhunter and Superman, Batman assigns Superboy and Miss Martian to Belle Reve Penitentiary, where they are to go undercover among some of the world’s most dangerous super villains. How’s that for a welcome back? TOON in to see how it all turns out tonight at 6:30pm in Warner Bros.’ Young Justice: Terrors

Justice League: Season 2 hits Blu-ray July 26th

Cartoon Network's Justice League Season 2 hits Blu-ray July 26th

DC Comics may be rebooting the entire DC Universe in comic book form, but the Justice League we’ve come to know and love through the Cartoon Network series is still ready to rock, and now in HD! Warner Bros. Animation and Cartoon Network will be releasing Justice League: Season 2 on Blu-ray July 26th. Made up of super hero icons like Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter, and Hawkgirl, this season of Justice League (one before Justice League Unlimited) pits the heroes against a collection of inJustice: Darkseid, Braniac, Solomon Grundy, Amazo, Joker, Vandal Savage, and more. The quality has been upped, the bonus features have been upped, and the action has been upped! Read the full press release for details, and get ready for action!

Young Justice goes Bereft, tonight on Cartoon Network

Young Justice goes Bereft, tonight on Cartoon Network

At 7pm tonight, the Young Justice team finds itself wandering the desert of BIALYA with no memory. Not how they got there, not how they know each other, or not of anything that has happened in the last six months. Who do you go to when trouble like this happens? Justice League Unlimited’s Martian Manhunter! Oh, wait. Alright, well, who do you go to when he’s busy? Young Justice’s own Miss Martian, whose psychic abilities can restore their minds and help them figure out what happened. At least, she can try. TOON in tonight on Cartoon Network to see what happens on “Bereft”!

Warner Bros.’ Young Justice brings DC Comics to Cartoon Network

Young Justice Group

There’s been a number of super hero related toons over the years, and lately it seems like more and more of the comic book flock are heading to the animated world. Young Justice made it’s animated debut at this year’s Comic-Con 2010, and the Warner Bros. toon is sure to shake up the ground of Cartoon Network when it starts up this fall. Teenage heroes like Robin, Superboy, Kid Flash, Miss Martian, Artemis, and Aqualad fill out the Young Justice roster, though producers claim that wont necessarily be the same lineup at the end of the year; supposedly, some will be cut, some new ones will be added, and some will have lost the fight against evil. Take a sneak peek look at some of the artwork and renders that we’ll be privy to soon enough

Warner Bros. features Young Justice footage at Comic-Con 2010

Warner Bros. features Young Justice footage at Comic-Con 2010

Comic-Con does comic books and super hero related events like E3 does video games: they cover all the great new and upcoming items and make us nuts while we sit home and wait for them. This year’s con, Comic-Con 2010, is no different, as Warner Bros. teams with Cartoon Network to tease the upcoming animated series Young Justice. We first got wind of the show a few months ago, but can now start to see the toon in motion, with special sneak peeks from the Con. In it, we see Robin, Superboy, Kid Flash, Miss Martian, Artemis, and Aqualad, protegees of the Justice League heroes like Batman, Superman, Flash, Martian Manhunter, Wonder Woman, Green Arrow, and Aquaman. Brandon Vietti and Greg Weisman are responsible for bringing us the series, which should hit our TVs this November. Take a look at the teaser trailer!

Cartoon Network’s Young Justice

Young Justice on Cartoon Network

They’re not quite in the Justice League. They’re not quite in Teen Titans. They’re not a band of brothers like the X-Men, or singular loners like Spider-Man. They’re a collection of super heroes who sometimes feel that the whole world, not just the super villains, are against them. Tough being a teenager – though I imagine it’s easier if you could fly. Cartoon Network will soon let us find out as they unveil their newest super toon, Young Justice. The team consists of Robin, Aqualad, Kid Flash, Superboy, Miss Martian, and Artemis; each with a relation to iconic DC Comics heroes like Batman, Aquaman, Flash, Superman, Martian Manhunter, and Wonder Woman. The Warner Bros. Animation series will stake its claim on Cartoon Network sometime soon, and is in the capable hands of Sam Register, Brandon Vietti, and Greg Weisman, who have an impressive resume between them (Teen Titans, Ben 10, Batman: The Brave and the Bold, Batman: Under the Red Hood, Superman Doomsday, The Batman, Gargoyles, The Spectacular Spider-Man, W.I.T.C.H.). Take a look at the teaser poster!

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