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Marvel's Iron Man Anime and Wolverine Anime bring Disney to G4

Marvel’s Iron Man Anime and Wolverine Anime bring Disney to G4

Ever since the comic book giant was acquired by Disney, Marvel has seemingly been on a roll. From the amazingly popular Iron Man franchise, to this month’s Captain America, to next year’s Avengers and Spider-Man reboot, all things have Marvel have, aptly, “Assembled.” In hopes to keep the hype train running, Marvel brought anime versions of some of their bigger icons to ...

Marvel Anime on G4, Iron Man and Wolverine

Marvel Anime on G4, Iron Man and Wolverine

On July 29th, at 11pm, Iron Man will Pulsar Blast into anime. Thirty minutes later, at 11:30pm, Wolverine will claw through anime. How and where? G4 is the answer to both, as Marvel Anime makes its big debut on the network. Adrian Pasdar will voice Tony Stark, while Milo Ventimiglia takes on the role of Logan. Every week, fans will be rewarded with a new episode of the Disney-owned series, ...

Spidey delivers pizzas thanks to Marvel and DecoPac

Spidey delivers pizzas thanks to Marvel and DecoPac

Maybe you’ve been to a birthday party or two that had these cuh-RAAAAZY cakes that actually looked like drawings? Maybe it was your favorite cartoon character or an actual scene from a CG movie? If so, that was likely the work of DecoPac, a company who makes food an artform. Now, DecoPac plans to move into the world of pizza decoration, tapping Marvel Entertainment as the perfect ...

New Iron Man 2 trailer debuts on

New Iron Man 2 trailer debuts on

Fresh off the Oscars, and a night with drama between Cablevision, ABC and tried to bring viewers back to happiness by showing the newest trailer to Iron Man 2 during the Jimmy Kimmel Live late night show. Getting ready for the May 7th theatrical launch, the sequel reveals that the world is aware that billionaire inventor Tony Stark is the armored super hero. Under pressure from the ...


Disney to buy Marvel

Mickey and Spidey, happy together? Looks like it! News across the blogosphere is that the Walt Disney Co. will be buying Marvel Entertainment Inc. for a super-hero-sized sum of money (upwards of $4 billion in cash and stock). This brings characters like Spider-Man, Hulk, Iron Man, Captain America, Wolverine and others into the family of Mickey Mouse, Goofy, Nemo, WALL-E, and Aladdin. Worlds ...



Well, sort of. Marvel Entertainment is working with Jarden Corporation to produce Marvel-branded sporting goods. This includes sports sets and balls from Rawlings, fishing equipment from Shakespeare Fishing, camping gear from Coleman, and cards from the US Playing Card Company. Layered all over these products will be a wide variety of Marvel’s super heroes, including those from Super ...


Marvel teases the Anime Iron Man

Marvel Entertainment Inc, home to a famous collection of super heroes, is working together with Madhouse, a Japanese animation studio, and Warren Ellis, an Eagle Award winning writer, to create four all new anime versions of classic Marvel Super Heroes. Since we started discussing this event, we’ve already gotten a look at the Wolverine anime, but now it’s Iron Man’s turn to ...


I just wanted to say I Hulk you

Marvel Entertainment has recently signed a deal with Hallmark Cards to feature a number of superheroes from the Marvel lineup within greeting cards – both traditional and animated ones with lights and sounds — imagine getting a card with the Hulk that roars when you open it! The art on the cards will be based on the comic book designs of the characters, designs from the live-action ...


Wolverine invades Japan

Marvel Entertainment Inc., has partnered with renowned Japanese animation studio Madhouse and multiple-Eagle Award winner Warren Ellis to create four all new anime versions of classic Marvel Super Heroes: one of which is everyone’s favorite clawed mutant, Wolverine! We started talking about this almost a year ago, but now we can finally get a first glimpse of the work in progress, as ...


Marvel Entertainment invades Walgreens

Marvel Entertainment is going to be making you Walgreens shoppers very happy! Or maybe its Walgreens that is going to make you Marvel fans very happy? Whatever the case, someone is going to be happy! Starting next year, Walgreens will feature hundreds of Marvel characters on products, including Spider-Man, Iron Man, Wolverine, Thor, and the Hulk. The products will include toys, candy, ...


Marvel makes a Gazillion deals!!!

Well… kind of!  Marvel Entertainment and Gazillion Entertainment have signed up to develop massively multiplayer online (MMOs) games about Marvel’s universe of characters, from movies and cartoons.  The first game in based on the upcoming Cartoon Network series, Marvel’s Super Hero Squad, which includes Iron Man, Hulk, Wolverine, Thor, fantastic Four, Captain America, and ...


McSpectacular McSpider-McMan

Fans of McDonalds (and who isn’t?!) can now get their very own Spectacular Spider-Man branded Happy Meal.  The promotion, from Sony Pictures and Marvel Entertainment, will run through the end of March.  Each meal features one of eight action figures based on the series.  If you’ve already gotten one, tell us which one you got!! ...

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