VIDEO: The Mysterious Deflating Pikachu

In Case You Missed It – this video has been making the rounds these past few days, and it may just be the cutest thing you’ll ever see this weekend. The video features a bunch of cute Pikachu mascots dancing to the song “You Can’t Stop the Beat” (which some of you will remember from […]


Make your own Domo animations

Domo’s not exactly the cuddliest of mascots; in fact, cuddling will probably get you bitten (especially if you smell like apples. Domo LOVES to bite apples.) BUT it can’t be denied that Domo is very, very cute and his stints in NHK TV’s interstitials are addicting to watch. But the shorts are, well, very short. […]

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Fanimation: From Disney World to Sin City

Nearly a century ago, a man named Walt Disney dreamt up his iconic Mickey Mouse, which would later flourish into cartoons, movies, mascots, and, literally, a whole World of Disney, where everything was bright and cheery and forever known as the happiest place on earth. A few decades ago, a man named Frank Miller dreamt […]

Cartoon Network Pokemon

Nintendo readies the world for Pokemon Gray and Kyurim

For months now, Nintendo DS owners (and their upgrade counterparts using the Nintendo 3DS) have been enjoying Pokemon Black and Pokemon White. For roughly that same span, Cartoon Network fans have been digging the anime toon Pokemon Black and White. Many have called the cartoon series and the games the best in the franchise. But […]

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Disney releases BAMBI 2 on Blu-ray and DVD Combo Pack

Bambi will forever be known as one of the most iconic Disney animals of all time, ushering a whole world of fans into not only Disney films, but the world of animation. It only made sense that, years later, Disney would finally decide to revisit the classic mascot with a brand new adventure, Bambi 2. […]

Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic the Hedgehog 20th anniversary

It was way back in 1991 when Sega first premiered Sonic the Hedgehog for Sega Genesis. From that moment on, Sonic became the company’s most iconic mascot, knocking Alex Kidd from the title, and never looking back. From his first appearance as a dashboard toy in Rad Mobile, to his Sonic X animated series, battling […]