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Betty Boop to Return Via New Animated Series

Betty Boop, the buxom and iconic character created by legendary animator Max Fleischer returns will be returning with a new animated TV series. Betty Boop is being developed by Normaal Animation, which also produced the Peanuts television series. Betty Boop is aimed at teens and tweens and recounts the everyday struggles, victories and joys of young Betty Boop, who has been dreaming of being on ...


Superman Classic is fan animation meets comic book perfection

Superman has had a lot of exposure. Nearly 75 years of comic books, serials, cereals (both!), cartoons, toys, half a dozen films, etc. Every example has a different perspective on the character, from look to personality. Some are hit and some are miss, and those associated, from Smallville’s Tom Welling to Bryan Singer’s recent Superman Returns. But it’s the fans who make ...

Betty Boop joins the United Football League

Betty Boop joins the United Football League

We have to admit: Betty Boop looks pretty darn good for 80! The classic animation icon, created by another icon Max Fleischer, has been in the business a long time; from toons to countless products and posters, to appearing in a series of films produced by Fleischer Studios and released by Paramount Pictures. Now, King Features is pairing up with the United Football League. While it seems ...

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