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Mediatoon Secures New Latin American Sales

Mediatoon Secures New Latin American Sales

French studio Mediatoon has recently inked new deals with two Latin American partners, namely Ecuador TV and Cultura. The Premiere public channel Ecuador TV picked up a series package that includes two seasons of The Garfield Show (104 x 11), Contraptus (78 x 8; also on FETV Panama, Canal 22 Mexico, TNU Uruguay, ECTV Ecuador and Globosat Brazil) and three animated films from the Tintin franchise ...

Spirou Gets New International Broadcast Deals

Spirou Gets New International Broadcast Deals

France’s Mediatoon Distribution has recently announced a batch of new international broadcasting sales for its 2D animated series Little Spirou (78 x 7), which is also celebrating its 75th anniversary this year. The milestone event will be celebrated via a host of special events and project launches. ...

Mediatoon's Contraptus, still being invented

Mediatoon’s Contraptus, being invented

Mediatoon and Dargaud Media has big plans for Contraptus. The 3D, CG, and HD animated series is based on the comic book series “Leonard”, French for Leonardo (as in Leonardo Da Vinci) by Turk and De Groot (aka Philippe Liegeois and Bob de Groot). Set in the early Renaissance, the series follows a self-proclaimed genius who comes up with all sorts of inventions, which, for the time, ...

The Garfield Show season two

The Garfield Show season two

Mediatoon and Dargaud Media are hard at work on the second season of The Garfield Show. The CG animated series premiered last year on Cartoon Network in the US, France 3, and Boomerang UK overseas, and has received a very strong following. The toon is based on the Garfield comic strip, created by Jim Davis, featuring the lovable (yet hefty) cat, who is fond of lasagna and sleeping, but ...


Taratabong, The World of Meloditties

The music will rock, and Taratabong will make sure of it!  The new 3D/HD animated series from Mediatoon introduces viewers to the world of music. Taratabong is a wonderful place inhabited by little musical beings called the Meloditties.  They’re various musical instruments that communicate with sound and rhythm.  (thankfully, I can use words to report about it!) ...


If you’re so smart, you should have your own cartoon!

Mediatoon will be bringing us some much-needed smarts in their newest series, Genius! Genius is a new CG animated cartoon series about a wacky inventor at the end of the Middle Ages. The show, which is based on an old French comic book, will air via Mediatoon, and should be debuting in December of this year. ...


eToons by Mediatoon Interactive

eToons are coming! France’s Mediatoon Interactive has launched eToon, an online series that brings together all Mediatoon cartoons available on VOD, SVOD and EST. The eToon catalog will include Dargaud Media, Dupuis, Ellipsanime Production, and Storimages. [source: eToon] ...

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