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Cartoon Network Secures Mega Man Rights From DHX

Cartoon Network has recently inked a deal with DHX Media for the rights to air the new Mega Man series in the US. This new Mega Man series is an original co-production between DHX Media and Dentsu Entertainment USA, and will also air on DHX’s Family CHRGD channel in Canada. The new Mega Man series is based on the iconic video game franchise from Capcom, using 3D CG animation in order to bring ...


Mega Man 1-6 Coming to Mobile This January

Iconic videogame developer and publisher Capcom has recently announced plans to bring the first six Mega Man games to the Android and iOS platforms. The action platforming games first made their debut on the Nintendo Entertainment System, and are known for their difficult yet extremely rewarding gameplay that relies on rote memorization and fast reflexes. While there’s still no information on ...


DHX and Dentsu Team Up for New Mega Man Series

DHX Media and Dentsu Entertainment USA have recently inked a global deal for the development, production, distribution, and management of licensing for a brand new animated series based on the popular Capcom video game character, Mega Man. Under the deal, global rights will be managed by Dentsu Entertainment USA and DHX jointly, handling distribution and licensing in the US. The former will be ...


Man of Action Developing New Mega Man Series

Man of Action Entertainment has recently signed on to develop a new animated series for Dentsu Entertainment USA, based on Capcom’s popular Mega Man franchise, targeting a total of 26 episodes for the international market. Under their partnership, Dentsu Entertainment USA will be handling the worldwide broadcast and licensing rights for the new series, while Man of Action Entertainment will be ...


Mighty No. 9 to Get Its Own Animated Series

It seems that Keiji Inafune’s spiritual successor to the Mega Man series, Mighty No. 9, is not content with simply being a video game continuation of the blue bomber’s legacy, as Inafune and his team had some big announcements at Anime Expo, including the reveal of an upcoming CG-animated series, which is currently under production at Digital Frontier (the same studio behind Resident Evil: ...


New Mega Man Fan Short: Mega Man Serv Bot

Mega Man fans have a reason to start their new year with a smile, or at least a chuckle, as artist and animator ultimatemaverickx has just released a brand new animated short that features the cute and relatively harmless (technically, they were very cheap and dangerous characters in the Capcom VS games, but canonically, they’re not really much of a threat) Serv Bots having a go at being the ...


Discotek Media Acquires Mega Man Cartoon

In a recent post on their Facebook page, Discotek Media revealed that they will be picking up the 1994 Ruby Spears cartoon adaptation of Mega Man. The 27 episode series was notable for Ruby Spears’ decision to tweak or redesign the main characters to various degrees, with the design going for a retro-80s style action adventure in order to target a late preteen boy audience. ...

Capcom to Release Update to Street Fighter x Mega Man

Capcom to Release Update to Street Fighter x Mega Man

We have previously reported on Capcom’s generous backing of a fan-made game parodying their Mega Man and Street Fighter franchises, dubbed Street Fighter x Mega Man. The game is a standard 8-bit type Mega Man game where instead of rogue robots, the blue bomber has to face various Street Fighter characters as end level bosses. ...

Archie Comics to Host Mega Man: Rock of Ages Fanart Contest

Archie Comics to Host Mega Man: Rock of Ages Fanart Contest

Archie Comics, which publishes the hit comic book series based on the Mega Man franchise, will be hosting a big fanart contest titled “Rock of Ages” (heh.) as a way of joining in on the celebration of Mega Man’s 25th anniversary. It’s essentially just a fanart contest with one simple rule: create fanart that showcases Mega Man and/or his universe. Winning first place entitles you to get ...

Fan Sculpts Mega Man Clay Models

Fan Sculpts Mega Man Clay Models

The Mega Man is known primarily for its hard-as-nails difficulty and for the punishing yet strategic level designs, but it’s also notable for the creative and highly thematic robot designs, with each level boss adhering to the specific theme reflected by the level he’s guarding. As a tribute to the creative character designs, and probably as a way of honoring the franchise’s 25th ...

Rooster Teeth Animator Creates Mega Man X Short Film

Rooster Teeth Animator Creates Mega Man X Short Film

Mega Man’s 25th Anniversary is bringing out all the blue bomber-related creativity out of people, with the most recent one being the fan-made game pitting Street Fighter characters against Mega Man – Mega Man X Street Fighter, which caught the eye of Capcom and got itself supported for official release. Another creator getting into the spirit of Mega Man’s 25th anniversary is ...

Capcom Celebrates Christmas with Mega Man Xmas

Capcom Celebrates Christmas with Mega Man Xmas

Besides Christmas, Capcom will also be celebrating the Mega Man franchise’s 25th Anniversary. So instead of celebrating both separately, the game developer decided to hit two birds with one stone by releasing a video honoring the 2D Winter Levels of the games, with assets courtesy of Mega Man Christmas Carol I & II( ...

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