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Update on MotorCity’s Status


Updating our post about the Motorcity browser game certainly got us curious as to the status of the show. We previously made a post about a petition designed to convince Disney to bring back the show, and if you’re coming into this story late, the gist of it is that the show was mismanaged by Disney, resulting in poor exposure and viewership that didn’t meet the network’s demand, which ultimately resulted in the show being canceled. What’s worse, Disney still owns the IP to the show so that even if the creators wanted to shop it around to other networks, they’re not legally allowed to do so.

Community goes anime

‘Community’ Goes Anime

While Community is one of the funniest and most popular shows on network TV these days, it really doesn’t belong on Toonbarn since it’s a live action show, without even the tiniest of CG effects. That all changed last December 1, for a single day at least, as NBC’s Community joined in on the 80s anime parody bandwagon with an episode that casts the entire cast of community college as Voltron-era anime characters.

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