Cartoon Network Spider-Man The Smurfs

Sony brings The Smurfs, Tintin, and Spider-Man to Cartoon Network EMEA

After much negotiation and term-finalizing, Sony Pictures has inked a two-year deal with Turner Media Innovations that promises fans around the world lots of new animated goodies! The deal specifically brings nine feature film releases to Cartoon Network EMEA, which runs across the UK, France, Spain, Italy, Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Romania, Turkey, […]

Other Cartoons

Sony preps Men in Black 3 for theaters, MIB: The Series to follow?

Sony Pictures is now deep into the production of the latest film in the Men in Black franchise, MiB3, aka Men in Black 3. The film will reunite Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones as the famous agents, ready to protect earth against intergalactic criminals. Currently, Sony is penning a deal with Jakks Pacific to […]