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Inspector Gadget, Johnny Test, and Metajets to Netflix

Inspector Gadget, Johnny Test, and Metajets to Netflix

Netflix is proving, over and over, that the age of digital media is here. In addition to their awesome rent-a-DVD platform, the company has scooped up hundreds of producers, allowing the shows and movies to be instantly streamed to internet-ready devices. Cookie Jar Entertainment is the latest to join the ranks of this digital army, adding dozens of new animated series to the ...

Metajets marathon on Cartoon Network for July 4th weekend

Metajets marathon on Cartoon Network for July 4th weekend

Cartoon Network is helping us celebrate the Fourth of July holiday in a big way this year! The toon-friendly channel is pumping out hours and hours of the anime series Metajets for all to enjoy in an all day marathon on July 4th. The high-flying series will continue at weekday mornings at 6:00 starting July 5th and running daily. The show is about young flying aces competing in the ...


Metajets soars in popularity

Put simply, Metajets is a high-flying competition of jet pilots. Put even more simply, Metajets is fun. Sunwoo Entertainment has worked with Cookie Jar Entertainment to create 40 episodes of the series thus far. Having already partnered with Disney in Asian regions, like in Korea where the toon airs on KBS, the series will soon appear on Canada’s Teletoon. Next up is to find a way into ...


Metajets premiere on Disney Channel Asia

The Metajets are soaring through the skies to Disney Channel Asia this Sunday! The 2D, CG animated cartoon will debut at 10:30 am for those in the area, ready and anxious to check it out! Cookie Jar Entertainment has worked many hours on the animated series, and they, together with Sunwoo, can’t wait to bring fans the show of young flying aces competing in the Aeronautical Racing ...


CBS and Cookie Jar Entertainment: BFFs!

I looove cookies! And now, I think CBS does too! Or, at least, Cookie Jar Entertainment. Even though companies like 4KidsTV abandon cartoon networks, CBS and Cookie Jar want to bring you toons instead!! The two companies just agreed to produce Saturday morning cartoons for the next three seasons! It’s not yet decided which cartoons will appear during the block, but could we be watching ...


The Metajets are getting ready to launch!

We’ve talked about the series Metajets before, but now that we’re getting close to the launch, the news is coming in much faster. The mixed 2D and 3D, CGI animated action series from Cookie Jar Entertainment revolves around young flying aces competing in the Aeronautical Racing Circuit. Canada’s Teletoon is already prepping for the adventure to debut, later this year. ...



The Cookie Jar Group, one of Canada’s greatest cartoon producers has recently been showing off its new series, Metajets – a 2-and-3D (there’s a lot of that lately!) animated series about flying aces.  The series, which blends hand drawn animation with CGI, has its stars competing on the Aeronautical Racing Circuit, battling for air supremacy over everyone – even ...

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