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Pokemon Go Gets a Revamp via New Quest System

Despite its massive popularity, Pokemon GO initially got a lot of flak for being barebones and pretty much lacking in direction. But that time has since come and gone – the ARG in its current state is chock full of things to do outside of simply catching random Pokemon during your daily walk to the bus stop. The biggest change is the addition of a new quest system, which single-handedly turned ...

Pokemon Company Confirms Mystery Pokemon's Connection to MewTwo

Pokemon Company Confirms Mystery Pokemon’s Connection to MewTwo

A few weeks ago, a video has been released showing off a mysterious legendary Pokemon that bears a striking resemblance to the Legendary Mewtwo. As expected, speculations ran rampant, with fans thinking that it’s a genetically engineered clone or an enhancement, while others believe that it’s just a superficial similarity and the new Pokemon is not related to MewTwo at all. The ...

Pokemon X and Y's New Legendaries

Pokemon X and Y’s New Legendaries

We were recently introduced to the latest addition to the main Pokemon franchise, Pokemon X and Y. The announcement of the series came with a special preview video, which focused on major changes to the franchise, such as a fully 3D engine (as opposed to 2D sprite on a 3D environment), which means we now get Pokemon Stadium-type battles on a handheld. Additionally, the promo video introduced the ...

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