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Bratz dolls still… available?

Never fear, Bratz fans.  Although a court ruled a few weeks back that Bratz dolls would no longer be sold in stores, a new ruling has stated they can!  At least through the full 2009 year.  Despite Mattel’s victory in the courts, the new ruling allows MGA to continue selling the Bratz dolls to Bratz fans. ...


The Bratz battle wages on!

It’s been brewing for a few months now, but we finally saw the end to the war between MGA’s Bratz and Mattel’s Barbie.  …maybe.  A judge ruled this week that MGA has to stop creating and selling the popular Bratz dolls — including Bratz Petz, Bratz Boys and Baby Bratz.  It wont happen immediately, but it’s possible you wont see them in stores anymore as ...

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