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Cartoon Network presents NASTYbook

Looks like Cartoon Network is bringing another book into the world o’toons!  NASTYbook is the next up for grabs; author Barry Yourgaru’s non-fiction kid’s horror series NASTYbook will be Cartoon Network’s newest live-action / CGI TV movie.  Cartoon Network already has other specials planned around literature, including Tiger’s Apprentice, comic book titles ...


Cartoon Network cranks out new movies

Cartoon Network has started making three movies based on comic books.  Hey, it worked for Batman!  Firebreather, Mice Templar, and The Vanishers are the three properties.  Firebreather will be a CGI animated movie about about a half-human, half-dragon (ew!) teenager trying to protect the earth and go to high school.  The original comic book is by Phil Hester and Andy Kuhn.  Mice Templar ...

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