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10 Interesting Facts About Disney Cartoons

Least Commercially Success Princesses


In terms of merchandise sales, the least popular princesses on Disney’s roster are the Asian and Native American princesses, Mulan and Pocahontas. Aurora from Sleeping Beauty beat both of them in terms of merchandising success even though she wasn’t even that active in her own movie (she only had 18 minutes of screen time and 18 whole lines.)

Mickey Mouse’s White Gloves

Mickey-MouseWalt Disney originally thought that showing actual mouse nails is too disturbing for children, so he designed Mickey Mouse as always wearing a pair of white gloves. It’s possible that many cartoon characters since then have copied the approach or use gloves for the same reason.

We Believe in Tim Burton

alice in wonderland

Very few films based on Alice in Wonderland performed well at the box office and Disney’s first Alice in Wonderland animated movie (1951) was no different. The property was only redeemed in 2010 when Tim Burton’s live action/CG hybrid adaptation broke box office records, even though the director admitted that he didn’t “feel any emotional connection” with the lead character.

Mickey’s Christmas Carol Comes To Blu-ray


Christmas has always been a wonderful time of the year for my family. I carry warm memories of December days spent trimming the tree and watching TV specials until bedtime. One of my fondest recollections involves watching Mickey’s Christmas Carol, and Disney recently made me a very happy girl by releasing it on Blu-ray. Along with the Blu-ray, you also get a DVD version and a digital copy. The digital copy allows you to watch the movie on your tablet or other device while you travel or otherwise spend time away from home. I never use digital copies, but it’s something nice to have for the future.

Mickey’s Christmas Carol is exactly what you’d expect – a Disney adaptation of the story known for generations and retold in countless ways. Scrooge McDuck plays – wait for it – Ebenezer Scrooge, with Donald Duck as his nephew and Mickey Mouse as Ebenezer’s underpaid assistant Bob Cratchit. Goofy makes an appearance as Jacob Marley, and other characters leave their marks in some form if you keep your eyes sharp. It’s hard to go wrong with such a cast. While it does have its flaws, I think it’s something that any Christmas lover should add to their collection or watch at least once when they get a chance.

Disney Channel to Celebrate Mickey Mouse’s Birthday This Month

Disney Channel to Celebrate Mickey Mouse's Birthday This Month

This coming Monday, November 19, the Disney Channel will be celebrating the birthday of one of the industry’s most recognizable and beloved characters, Mickey Mouse. The celebrations will be heralded by the premiere of the first ever extended episode of the Emmy Award-winning Mickey Mouse cartoon shorts, followed by a whole day of themed programming in honor of the ever-optimistic mouse.

New Disney 2D Shorts to Star Mickey Mouse


A new batch of short form 2D cartoons will be bringing the 85 year old cartoon character from Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks, Mickey Mouse, back to his roots (maybe some of you young ones don’t know, but the Mouse himself originally started as a non-talking toon in a variety of black and white Disney shorts.)

The new series consisting of 19 cartoon shorts will start airing on Friday, June 28 on the Disney Channel,, and WATCH Disney Channel. The premiere will also be supported by an online game called “Mickey Delivery Dash,” which is already available on

1938 Mickey Sketch Discovered and Released by Disney


Coinciding with the Oscar weekend, the Disney archives have released a newly discovered sketch from the 1938 short titled Mickey’s Toothache, which is part of an unfinished cartoon that was created to give the iconic mouse a more complete character, back in the days when he had very little. The sketch shows Mickey being chased by a dentist’s chair and his archenemy Pete.

The short in question has Mickey undergoing a series of psychedelic nightmare after a visit to the dentist goes awry and resulted in the poor mouse breathing in too much laughing gas. According to Disney Archives director Becky Cline, the overdose sent Mickey into a “nightmarish world inhabited by living teeth, dental floss, a psychotic dentist’s chair and a vengeful pair of dental pliers.”

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