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Mike Tyson Mysteries Returns to Adult Swim This May for 3rd Season

This coming Sunday, May 14 at 11:30pm ET/PT, the quirky mystery comedy series Mike Tyson Mysteries will be debuting on Adult Swim for a third run around with its cast of strangely hilarious characters, such as Mike Tyson himself, his adopted Korean daughter (and wet blanket) Yung Hee, the well-groomed and wine-loving ghost Marquess, and Pigeonm who is a filthy man trapped inside a filthy bird’s ...


Adult Swim to Debut Mike Tyson Mysteries on October

Mike Tyson isn’t exactly the ideal candidate if you’re looking for a person to solve mysteries, unless the mystery is how many punches is needed to take a person out (not a lot, if you’re Mike Tyson.) However, Adult Swim is placing all of its bets on the former heavyweight boxer via the new animated adult comedy series, Mike Tyson Mysteries. Scheduled for release on Monday, October 27th at ...

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