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Young Justice: Misplaced

Young Justice: Misplaced

In Young Justice: Misplaced, the team finds themselves in a predicament as all the adults in the planet disappear, leaving them as the only line of defense left. They still get help from Zatana and Billy Batson, though…

…but bear in mind that even though a team consisting of Superboy, Zatana, Robin, Kid Flash, Miss Martian, and Aqualad can stop a supervillain or two, they could find themselves having a hard time when dealing with the five most powerful sorcerers on earth. And scratch the Justice League, remember that all the adults in the planet are out of the picture, so don’t expect any of their mentors to lend a helping hand.

Scroll down below to watch a couple of clips showing Zatana fighting Klarion the Witch Boy, as well as a nifty gallery with enough images to tide you over until the show’s return on March 3.

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