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Monsters vs. Aliens game footage

We’ve got about another month until the Monsters vs. Aliens movie hits the big screen, and the same amount of time before the game hits the little screen, but now we’re getting a great look at some footage!  We’ve already seen a handful of screen shots from the game, but the video above truly does it justice.  What do you think? ...


Disney and DreamWorks together!

Shrek and Mickey… bff?? Could be! A recent deal was signed between Disney and DreamWorks that will have Disney distributing all DreamWorks movies, starting 2010. As of right now, this only includes live-action movies. But can animated projects be far behind? And would that mean a dream pairing like “Monsters vs. Aliens” and “Monsters Inc.”? (“Monsters, ...


Monsters vs. Aliens 3D trailer

Monsters vs. Aliens hits theaters on March 29, 2009.  But we knew that already!  What we’re finding out now is that they’ll be making a special debut on the largest scale of them all: the Super Bowl!  And in 3D no less!  The game is on February 1st,and at some point during it, there will be a three-minute, 3D trailer.  Even the 3D glasses are free — they’re being ...


Activision shows of Monsters Vs. Aliens game screens

Activision has released the first few screen shots for the upcoming game Monsters Vs. Aliens, based on the Dreamworks movie of the same name.  Both the movie and the game are due out in March of 2009 across all major video game consoles.  Check out the official game description after the break! ...


Monsters vs. Aliens trailer

Just yesterday, we were given a behind the scenes look at the upcoming Monsters vs. Aliens flick.  Now, we are able to feast our eyes upon the trailer for the upcoming, DreamWorks Animation movie.  …come to think of it, which side would you want to be on, Monsters or Aliens??  Bah, just enjoy the movie!  Check out the trailer after the break, below ...


Monsters vs. Aliens!

Though Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa is king at the box office, DreamWorks isn’t stopping there!  In just a few more months, on March 27th, 2009, DreamWorks Animations’ next film Monsters vs. Aliens will debut in theaters.  Check out the awesome behind-the-scenes video below the break, showing the animation in process! ...


Igor hits the theaters

Typically, “Igor” is a silly or stupid henchmen that gets minor attention in films, usually seen as the helper to some sort of mad scientist.  That’s where this Igor comes in, doing whatever he can to prevent the mistreatment of his fellow Igors.  To do so, he joins in the Evil Science Fair and does the impossible — creates life!  What happens after that?  Well… ...


Monsters vs. Aliens

Information has been slow on the upcoming Monsters vs. Aliens film, but excitement is still high!  The latest CGI animated film from Dreamworks Animation will be in theaters March 27th, 2009.  This is the first computer animated movie produced in real 3-D instead of converting the film into 3-D after it is finished.  This added bonus cost the production team a bit more to pull off (like 15 ...

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