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Update on MotorCity’s Status


Updating our post about the Motorcity browser game certainly got us curious as to the status of the show. We previously made a post about a petition designed to convince Disney to bring back the show, and if you’re coming into this story late, the gist of it is that the show was mismanaged by Disney, resulting in poor exposure and viewership that didn’t meet the network’s demand, which ultimately resulted in the show being canceled. What’s worse, Disney still owns the IP to the show so that even if the creators wanted to shop it around to other networks, they’re not legally allowed to do so.

Update: Play Motorcity Drive from Your Browser


We have noticed that we’ve been receiving a lot of visitors who directly went to our post about the browser-based game for Motorcity, titled Motorcity: Drive. Now, technically, a large number of people visiting our page is a good thing. We love visitors and we can never get enough. The bad thing is – and we have only noticed it this morning – that the post has a non-working link to the game.

The broken link is not on our end, though. We actually have no idea why people are being redirected to Disney’s main site. It’s either Disney themselves have removed the game (because the show is no longer airing on their channel?) or it’s region-locked, which means you won’t be able to access the page if your IP shows that you are from a specific country. Fortunately, we found another working link at Disney XD’s site:

What Happened to Disney XD’s Motorcity?

What Happened to Disney XD's Motorcity?

Over the past few days, we’ve been receiving visits from people who are searching for more info on Chris Prynoski’s car-themed action comedy series Motorcity, and if you’re one of them, chances are you haven’t found any fresh news about the show. Even the game is unavailable for most countries. The reason for the dearth of information about the show’s status is simple: it’s been cancelled.

According to Titmouse’s Chris Prynoski, Disney won’t be picking up a second season of Motorcity. In his message to fans, Prynoski praised the crew and thanked the fans for the support, but did not give any clarification as to Disney XD’s reasons for canceling the show.

Motorcity is Not a Cynical Cartoon, says Series Creator

Motorcity is Not a Cynical Cartoon, says Series Creator

In case you haven’t been tuning in to Disney XD, they’ve got a new show that’s been garnering a lot of praise since its debut last April. The show is called Motorcity, which is created by industry veteran Chris Prynoski and features an impressive voice cast that includes Mark Hamill (of Batman: The Animated Series and Star Wars fame).

Disney XD’s Motorcity All Revved Up For Canada

Disney XD's Motorcity All Revved Up For Canada

Canada’s Disney XD, which is part of Astral Media, is scheduled to debut the new animated series Motorcity on Canadian screens on Saturday, May 26 at 6:30p. The series will debut as part of the channel’s Drift, Draft, and Drive Marathon, which features automobile and racing themed episodes of their cartoons during the 2pm to 7pm programming blocks.

Play MotorCity: Drive

Play MotorCity: Drive

UPDATE: As of October 25, 2013, you won’t find a working link to the game in any of the URLs provided below. We can assume that it’s been pulled off due to the current status of the show on Disney XD (you can find out more details through this post.)

In support of MotorCity’s premiere at Disney XD on April 30, 2012, Disney has launched a free Motorcity game that you can play straight from your browser – MotorCity: Drive.

Disney XD Puts The Pedal to The Metal with MOTORCITY

Disney XD Puts The Pedal to The Metal with MOTORCITY

Disney is all set to burn some rubber, with the premiere of Chris Prynoski’s animated adventure series Motorcity slated for April 30, 9PM ET/PT on the Disney XD.

MotorCity follows the adventures of a bunch of hot-rodding rebels, led by a young boy named Mike Chilton. The rebel group use souped up and heavily-modded cars and aim to overthrow an evil billionaire who has taken over Detroit and banned automobiles.

Disney XD Presents MOTORCITY

Disney XD Presents MOTORCITY

This coming April, Disney XD will launch a new animated series set in a fictional and futuristic version of Detroit, after the city has been purchased and rebuilt by evil billionaire Abraham Kane.

Premiering on April 30, Motorcity will follow the adventures of a group of rebels, The Burners, led by a 17 year old boy named Mike Chilton. The Burners will challenge Kane’s rule over Detroit Deluxe, primarily by going against his ban on automobile transportation. The Burneres retreat to an underground base where they customize and upgrade their hot rods in an effort to stop Kane from taking over the world.

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