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Kevin Shinick was interviewed by ToonBarn's Marc Morrell twice during San Diego Comic-Con 2013

Kevin Shinick plays a MAD Supervillain at SDCC 2013

Kevin Shinick’s first job on TV was “Where in Time is Carmen SanDiego?”, in which he played the Host of the PBS Game Show. Since his debut on that show in 1996, Kevin has been a Director, Producer, Emmy and Annie Award-winning writer, Voice Artist, Full-time husband and father, and an Actor in movies, TV, and Broadway. Oh, and he occasionally likes to write comic books too. ...

Kevin Shinick Interview at NYCC 2012

NYCC Interview: MAD’s Kevin Shinick

In January, 2007, Seth Green hired Kevin Shinick to be a writer on Adult Swim’s Robot Chicken and their Robot Chicken: Star Wars specials. There, Shinick voiced many of the show’s characters and worked his way up to being Creative Director until he left in 2009. While at Robot Chicken, Shinick met fellow writer Hugh Davidson, who left to reboot Looney Tunes for Warner Bros. ...

Superboy, Miss Martian give Young Justice Terrors on Cartoon Network

Superboy, Miss Martian give Young Justice Terrors on Cartoon Network

As Cartoon Network eases back into it’s fall season, we get to delve deeper into the lives of the Young Justice League, with brand new episodes of Young Justice. This Friday, September 23rd, we not only get a first hand look at all the good and hope brought about the team, but also the Terrors, as indicated by the episode’s title. With his colleagues Martian Manhunter and Superman, ...


BTAS Secrets – Ferris Boyle

The beloved Heart of Ice episode from Batman: The Animated Series holds yet another secret, ready to be discovered by this ToonBarn special; details of the man behind the villain.  Mr. Freeze wasn’t always a sympathetic villain — we know he was once the good Doctor Victor Fries, who dedicated his time to finding a cure for his wife Nora.  Striken by a life-threatening illness, Nora ...


BTAS Secrets – Ice of Heart

One of the more beloved episodes of the entire Batman: the Animated Series run was the retelling of Mr. Freeze’s origin, Heart of Ice.  The story was action oriented at times, while also featuring sleuthy detective work, however it was mostly known as a heart-felt tale of love lost.  The final scene of the episode is especially note worthy; Dr. Victor Fries, alone in his cell, sadly ...


BTAS Secrets – 6 untold stories of Batman: The Animated Series

Batfans have long-since studied every aspect of Batman: The Animated Series, the Emmy Award winning 90’s Batman cartoon, becoming familiar with the dark style, voice actors, themes, batgadgets, etc.  And yet, still, there are a number of aspects about the show that are secret, unknown, rarely talked about, forgotten, or otherwise unheard of. Well we’re going to undo that! In honor ...

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