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Live Action Mulan Pushed Back to 2020

Fans of Walt Disney’s Mulan may have been excited as a live action adaptation was previously announced for a November 2, 2018 release, but a recent announcement from the House of Mouse reveals that these fans may have to wait a little bit longer to see the heroine in live action. According to the announcement, the live action Mulan reimagining has been moved to March 27, 2020. No other changes ...


Mulan, Pocahontas, Tarzan, and More Make Their Way to Hulu

Hulu has recently signed its first licensing agreement for The Walt Disney Studios’ theatrical features. Under this new multi-year deal, the streaming service will gain exclusive subscription VOD rights to treasure trove of hit movies and family favorites from Disney’s rich library of blockbusters. Some of the more noteworthy movies that will be under the deal include The Nightmare Before ...


Top 5 Most Evil and Most Loved Disney Villains

It is a fact that Disney has produced some of the greatest villainous characters in the history of movie-making. This list focuses at the five most evil and most vile characters to brave Disney cartoons. 5. Shan-Yu (Mulan) The callous leader of the Huns is set to conquer China. Shan-Yu and his army go over the Great Wall and occupy the land in order to prove his power to the Emperor. He doesn’t ...


Disney Planning Live Action Feature for Winnie the Pooh

With Disney’s live action adaptation of the Cinderella franchise proving to be a success, the House of Mouse seems to have found the confidence to give more of their properties an additional dimension. It has been reported by that the studio is in the planning stages of launching live-action film based on Winnie the Pooh. According to the report, Disney has tapped indie filmmaker ...


10 Interesting Facts About Disney Cartoons

Least Commercially Success Princesses In terms of merchandise sales, the least popular princesses on Disney’s roster are the Asian and Native American princesses, Mulan and Pocahontas. Aurora from Sleeping Beauty beat both of them in terms of merchandising success even though she wasn’t even that active in her own movie (she only had 18 minutes of screen time and 18 whole lines.) Mickey ...


Mulan 2-Movie Collection on Blu-ray 3/12

In case you missed it the first time around (or in case you didn’t but want to relive the experience), Walt Disney will be giving you a chance to own both Mulan and its sequel in a single Blu-Ray pack with the release of the Mulan 2-Movie Collection on Blu Ray format this March 12, 2013. The Mulan 2-Movie Collection will contain both the original film Mulan and its sequel, Mulan 2 as well as a ...

Fanimation: From Disney World to Sin City

Fanimation: From Disney World to Sin City

Nearly a century ago, a man named Walt Disney dreamt up his iconic Mickey Mouse, which would later flourish into cartoons, movies, mascots, and, literally, a whole World of Disney, where everything was bright and cheery and forever known as the happiest place on earth. A few decades ago, a man named Frank Miller dreamt up his iconic Sin City, which would later flourish into a comic book graphic ...

Alice in Wonderland 60th Anniversary Edition DVD and Blu-Ray review

Alice in Wonderland 60th Anniversary Edition DVD and Blu-Ray review

Disney has a large stable of animated tales in it’s long history. There’s the Disney Princess flicks (Cinderella, The Little Mermaid, Mulan), the Animal films (the Jungle Book, Tarzan, Lion King, 101 Dalmatians), and even a CG category (Toy Story, The Robinsons, UP). Then, there’s a film like Alice in Wonderland… which fits no category. In Disney’s original, ...

The Princess and the Frog to DVD in a few days

The Princess and the Frog to DVD in a few days

In Just a few days, Disney’s The Princess and the Frog will hit Blu-ray and DVD, making it’s official launch on March 16th. As we gear up for the home welcoming of Disney’s latest animated blockbuster, we thought it would be fun to take a look at some fun clips and a sneak peek at the discs’ bonus materials. And all in an effort to properly introduce Disney’s ...


Mulan gets another …slice!

Disney’s Mulan hit theaters 10 years ago, back in 1998, and has been a popular film ever since.  The animated classic did well and theaters, as well as through DVD sales.  Now, Hong Kong director Jingle Ma has made plans to release an updated live-action film based on the story. It’s not clear yet how, or if, characters like Mushu will be brought into the live-action world — ...

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