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Slugterra: Return of the Elementals Burpy Figurine Giveaway

If you’re big fan of Nerd Corps Entertainment’s Slugterra franchise but didn’t get to attend the recent San Diego Comic-Con like us, chances are you missed out on a bunch of amazing SDCC Exclusive Merchandise, as Shout! Factory and Nerd Corps celebrated the nationwide theatrical release of the Slugterra: Return of the Elementals, marking the franchise’s first foray into the big screen.

In Slugterra: Return of the Elementals, a new member of the Shane Gang is introduced – the master of the mysterious slugslinging art of Slug Fu, Junjie. However, even with five full-fledged slugslingers working closely together, the Shane Gang are still facing their biggest challenge yet: a race against time as they protect the ancient Elemental Slugs from an evil alliance set on using them to destroy the 99 caverns.


Stephen Hawking and Nerd Corps Entertainment Developing Kid’s Cartoon

According to a recent report by Variety, Nerd Corps Entertainment is currently developing a new CG animated kid’s series based on the George Greenby series of books created by Stephen Hawking and his daughter Lily.

The planned George Greenby series will consist of 26 x 30 minute episodes and will be educational while rooted in comedy/adventure. The series is also designed to go multiplatform, which means the experience will be expanded using other mediums. Pure Grass Films is currently on board as executive producers, co-financers, and distributors for key territories.

Nerd Corps Partners with Ciwen for Slugterra

Nerd Corps Partners with Ciwen for Slugterra

Nerd Corps Entertainment has recently announced a new partnership deal with Beijing’s Ciwen Media Group over the rights to manage their animated action adventure property Slugterra in China, which will cover merchandise, consumer products, TV rights, and non-exclusive digital media.

The partnership will also bring about new co-developed content for the property starting next year, which will include a 90-minute feature slated for theatrical release in China, with deals currently under discussion for North America and worldwide releases.

Rated A for Awesome hits Disney XD

Rated A for Awesome hits Disney XD

They’ve already been Incredible, but this summer, Disney is getting Awesome! In June, Disney XD welcomes Rated A for Awesome, the latest CG animated hit to it’s network. And we’re not just getting it here int he States; 128 countries (including those in the Europe, Africa, Latin America, Asia, and more!) are already signed up. From the producers of Kid vs Kat, Jimmy Two Shoes, and Jungle Junction, and working with the creators of Nerd Corps Entertainment and YTV, Rated A for Awesome stars Les Awesome and his stepsister Thera. Along with Noam, Lars, and Mr Twitchy, a monkey cameraman (cameramonkey?), the group works together to convert boring into fun, lame into sweet, and blah into awesome. Now that’s a revolution we can get behind!

Finally, Evil will win! The League of Super Evil!

Finally, Evil will win!  The League of Super Evil!

Well… ok, they wont win. But they’ll try real, real hard! League of Super Evil will debut this month on Cartoon Network. The Nerd Corps Entertainment series will be on not once, not twice, not three times… but four times a week, with new episodes kicking it off on Monday evenings. L.O.S.E. will also be starting up in Canada on YTV, the UK on CBBC, Jetix in Latin America, and in France on Canal+, Canal J and Gulli.

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