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Disney begins to tease info for Pixar's Brave

Disney begins to tease info for Pixar’s Brave

Back in 2008, Pixar announced 3 new movie projects: Cars 2, Newt, and Brave. Although Newt never had it’s moment, Pixar fans were on the edge of their seat waiting for more info on Brave; Pixar’s first fairytale and nothing their past movies. Finally, we can start discussing the details, which follow a story set in the mystical Scottish Highlands. Mérida is the unruly princess of ...

Disney removes Pixar's Newt from the schedule

Disney removes Pixar’s Newt from the schedule

Pixar has championed some of the greatest animated films of the past 15 years. Heck, they’ve been responsible for some of the best cinematic experiences, animated or otherwise, during that span. And, for every awesome project they’ve completed, there are dozens if not hundreds of more ideas that never made it to completion. Sadly, one of the expected upcoming films, Newt, could ...

CBBC's Muddle Earth

CBBC’s Muddle Earth

Joe, a boy from ordinary Earth, has been summoned by the wizard Randalf and his apprentice Newt, fights evil, confronts The Horned Baron, battles with Doctor Cuddles… geez, what is this? Sounds like Lord of the Rings! Close, actually – it’s Muddle Earth, a new CBBC series that recently premiered, based on Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell’s novel. The digitally animated ...

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