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Batman: The Animated Series SDCC Interviews: Blu-ray comes out Oct. 30th

In honor of the 26th birthday of the very first episode to air on TV back in 1992, we have exclusive interviews from San Diego Comic Con with members of the cast and crew of Batman: The Animated Series, which has a Deluxe Limited Edition Blu-ray set coming out October 30, 2018. Here are interviews with Kevin Conroy (Batman), Loren Lester (Robin/Nightwing), Tara Strong (Batgirl), Andrea Romano ...


Batman Unlimited: Mechs vs Mutants on Digital HD – SDCC Interviews

The Dark Knight is back doing what he does best – protecting the citizens of Gotham City – in the third installment of the Batman Unlimited series, Batman Unlimited: Mechs vs. Mutants. When evil scientist Mr. Freeze activates his latest invention on two of Gotham City’s most formidable criminals – Killer Croc and Bane – things go from bad to worse. Turning them into super-sized ...


Batman: Bad Blood World Premiere on January 19th

It’s Bad Blood Week on ToonBarn! We have interviews with the cast and crew of Batman: Bad Blood from New York Comic Con, and later this week, from the World Premiere in NYC! Here’s your first set of interviews: ToonBarn’s Marc Morrell talks to Jason O’Mara (Batman) and Gaius Charles (Batwing) from NYCC. Batman: Bad Blood has it’s World Premiere at The Paley Center ...


Video Preview: Batman Unlimited: Animal Instincts arrives May 12

“Batman Unlimited: Animal Instincts,” an all-new animated adventure that follows the Caped Crusader and some of his crime-fighting colleagues, including Flash, Green Arrow, Nightwing and Red Robin, arrives Tuesday, May 12 on Blu-ray Combo Pack, DVD and Digital HD. The Blu-Ray Combo Pack and DVD will include an exclusive Firebat figurine, while supplies last. Below you will find an ...


Batman vs. Robin is now available and it’s fantastic!

The world is turned upside down when one of the world’s greatest super heroes – Batman – finds himself under attack by his own son in the newest DC Universe Original Movie – Batman vs. Robin. Inspired by the #1 Best-Selling Graphic Novel, Batman: The Court of Owls, this all-new original film arrives today (Tuesday, April 14, 2015) from Warner Bros. Home Entertainment on Blu-Ray™ Deluxe ...


ToonBarn Review: Son of Batman

“Son of Batman,” the landmark 20th film in the ongoing series of DC Universe Animated Original Movies, arrives today on Blu-ray Combo Pack and DVD from Warner Bros. Home Entertainment. The film is also available via Digital HD. Below you will find an all-new official clip from “Son of Batman” featuring Batman (voiced by Jason O’Mara) and Robin (Stuart Allan) ...


Top 6 Batman: The Animated Series Action Figures From My Childhood

Batman: The Animated Series had a really kick-butt toyline back in the 90s. There’s a ridiculously huge amount of choices even though the series only had a dozen or so regular cast members, mainly because 90% of the figures were simple – yet totally awesome – variations on Batman himself. If it were up to the 10-year old me, I would have bought them all (except for Riddler, because eff ...


New Young Justice: Invasion Clip – War

A new clip and a bunch of teaser images have been released for this week’s episode of Young Justice: Invasion, titled “War,” which will air this coming Saturday, February 9 as part of Cartoon Network’s DC Nation programming block @ 10:00 AM ET/PT. War promises to be an action-packed episode (that features the Justice League!) as a conqueror from another world becomes a ...


New Young Justice Clip – Runaways

Warner Bros. Animation has just released a teaser clip for the upcoming episode of Young Justice: Invastion, titled “Runaways,” which is scheduled to air this Saturday, February 2 as part of Cartoon Network’s DC Nation programming block, which starts at 10:00 AM ET/PT. In Runaways, Blue Beetle may have bitten off more than he can chew as he tried to chase down a bunch of ...

New Trailer for DC Comics' Injustice: Gods Among Us

Injustice: Gods Among Us Adds 2 New Characters

If you’ve seen our other posts regarding the upcoming fighting game based on DC characters, Injustice: Gods Among Us, you’ll know that one of our main concerns with the trailers released so far is that it made it look like there’s only 6 playable characters (Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Solomon Grundy, and Harlequin). The concerns about the roster count is no longer ...

Young Justice: Depths

Young Justice: Depths

Warner Bros. Entertainment has just released a couple of clips for this week’s Young Justice episode. Entitled “Depths”, the episode follows Artemis as she tries to rejoin the team in order to defend a critical satellite launch – but will her first mission since returning also be her last? ...

The Knights of Tomorrow, tonight on Batman: The Brave and the Bold

The Knights of Tomorrow, tonight on Batman: The Brave and the Bold

At some point, some day, Bruce Wayne is going to have to retire. I mean, he doesn’t have any super powers, and he’s not an alien from a distant planet, he’s just a regular guy. Sure, he happens to be the most awesome person of all time, but still. One day, he’ll either be too old, or simply want to retire. Like, say, if he married Catwoman and was busy raising their ...

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