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New Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire Trailer Feat. Mega Slowbro

After the previous official Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire Trailer featuring Mega Audino, we now have another trailer, this time featuring the other breed featured in the leaked images a few days ago: Slowbro’s Mega evolved form, Mega Slowbro. The Mega Slowbro is described as a Slowbro that has gathered a ton of energy into the Shellder clamped onto its tail, which is now being used as an ...


New Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire Trailer

The Pokemon Company has just posted a new trailer for the upcoming full remakes of Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire for the 3DS, Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. The trailer shows off a bunch of mega evolved Pokemon, including Mega Altaria, Mega Salamence, and Mega Lopunny. It also shows off the cosplay Pikachu and more. You can check out the trailer below: ...


One Piece: Super Grand Battle! X 3DS Game Trailer Released

A brand new trailer has been released for the upcoming 3DS game One Piece: Super Grand Battle! X, which marks the return of Ganbarion’s party fighting game since Gigant Battle 2 on the Nintendo DS. Aside from the obvious improvements in the graphics department (the game now uses 3D cel-shaded models as opposed to pure 2D on Gigant Battle and 3D textured polygons on the 6th gen consoles,) Super ...


Trailer for Tenkai Knights: Brave Battle

Bandai Namco Games will be bringing the popular CG animated property Tenkai Knights to the Nintendo 3DS via a new action game called Brave Battle. The game is slated for an October 7 release in North America and will have a special limited edition available exclusively at Target. The special limited edition bundle contains the game itself an a rare red metallic Bravenwolf mini-figure. You can ...

one piece super grand battle x

One Piece Super Grand Battle X Makes Its Way to the Nintendo 3DS

Ganbarion’s Grand Battle series of fighting games based on Eiichiro Oda’s One Piece franchise will be making grand return via the Nintendo 3DS soon, so you might want to set aside some playing time on your handheld if you’re a big fan of One Piece, even if you already have Unlimited World Red. Titled One Piece: Super Grand Battle X, the game will use a 3D cel-shaded engine and a 2D ...


Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire to Bring Back Secret Bases

Nintendo’s recent press release reveals a bunch of new details about the upcoming remake of Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire, titled Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. The remake will bring back secret bases, and will allow players to share their creations with others using QR codes and StreetPass. Other details that Nintendo has revealed include new battle rules, how to visit other people’s secret ...


Fans Can Select Cover Art for Legend of Korra Game

Yesterday, we posted a blog entry about an upcoming action game based on The Legend of Korra franchise, which is being developed by Platinum Games and published by Activision. Now, Activision and Nickelodeon have jointly announced additional details about the game, particularly a new contest that will let fans join in on the creative process. ...


Watch: Pokemon Art Academy’s E3 Trailer

Last April, Nintendo announced a new Pokemon-themed iteration of their Art Academy app for the Nintendo 3DS (which originally began life on the Nintendo DS). Dubbed “Pokemon Art Academy,” the app has been slated for a fall release, which admittedly is too far off. If that seems like too long of a wait for you, you can at least dull the pain of waiting by watching the E3 2014 trailer below: ...


Pac-Man Joins Super Smash Bros. Roster

The iconic pellet-chomping video game character, Pac-Man, is on a roll lately. He’s been enjoying a great deal of success via the hit animated series Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures, and now he’s set to join fellow videogame icon Mario and a ton of others as he’s just been confirmed to join the roster of playable characters in the next Super Smash Bros. You can check out the debut ...


Medabots 8 Coming to Japanese 3DSes

A new Medabots game will be making its way to Japan (where it is known as Medarot) via the Nintendo 3DS (which has region locking, so don’t bother thinking of importing unless you have a Japanese 3DS.) The newest Medabot game will be coming in two forms, as is usually the case: Kabuto and Kuwagata versions, each one costing around 5,800 yen (roughly $57 USD.) ...


New Screenshots for Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate Mission 2

We still have a long wait ahead of us before the handheld port of the arcade card battling game Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate Mission 2 is released on Japanese 3Dses, so Bandai Namco Games has seen it fit to release a bunch of sweet screenies just to make the wait that much more unbearable. The screenshots show off a little bit of in-game action featuring one of the generic characters available ...


Disney Magical World Arrives on North American 3DS

North American 3DS owners are in for a treat, as Disney Magical World has just been released on the handheld, almost a year after it debuted in Japan as Disney Magic Castle: My Happy Life. A new launch trailer was also posted to coincide with the North American release. You can check it out below: ... now has 11 pages of news and games!« First Page23456Last Page »

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