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Nintendo Celebrates the Legend of Zelda’s 25th Anniversary

The Legend of Zelda

Happy 2012 my fellow barn animals!

As 2012 opens we look back at the year 2011 to see what was the best and most inspiring thing that came into the year. What was it you say? Why it’s the 25th anniversary of “The Legend of Zelda” of course!

In 2011 Nintendo celebrated the 25th anniversary of The legend of Zelda in 2011’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (Otherwise known as E3 expo) and opened their conference with an Orchestra performance.Not only did Nintendo celebrate,  the fans also joined in the celebration by remembering all of the past games they have been playing for over the years. Either being  old fans from the NES days or new fans who are only starting to get hooked on Link’s current gen adventures. The young hero Link has been battling Ganondorf  and winning our hearts all throughout these 25 years, as he went on tirelessly saving princess Zelda and slaying wicked monsters.

Lets take a  quick look into the past and see how Link started his Adventure (a gaming history lesson you all need to learn if you want to be in the gaming industry. Click the words that are in blue and underline for a quick look up if you don’t know what they mean, kids. Like cartridge, Famicom, Gameboy, etc.)

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