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Despicable Me’s Minions and the Despicable Banana

Despicable Me's Minions and the Despicable Banana

Of all the animated films to hit theaters in the past few years, there are a rare few where the audience is as intrigued by the main characters as they are with the secondary characters. Lion King’s Timon and Pumba are good examples, as are the teams of penguins and monkeys from the Madagascar franchise. Each of those films had so much success with the secondary group that those sub-stars went on to receive their own movies and animated series on TV. Such, it seems could be the fate with Despicable Me – a story that focused on Gru’s maturity from super villain to adoptive father, but never lost sight of those adorable (and evil) Minions. Maybe there’s a toon in there someday, but in the meantime, there’s already a few solo adventures, including the “Banana” mini movie on the Despicable Me Blu-ray and DVD – not to mention “Home Makeover” and “Orientation Day”. Take a look!

Despicable Me boosts Blu-ray and DVD sales via Orientation Day

Despicable Me boosts Blu-ray and DVD sales via Orientation Day

With the holiday season wrapping up (or, I guess, after we’ve fully unwrapped the holiday season) studios are looking back to see how well they did for the year. Universal Pictures, for example, would love to know if their latest CG and 3D adventure, Despicable Me, sold well as it moved to DVD and Blu-ray. And, according to the results, they were RIDICULOUSLY happy! On the first day the video was available in stores, Gru, Minions and company raked in $25 Million dollars ($25 Million dollars!!!!) in sales. After dominating the box office, it was assumed the home version would sell well, but even this high figure caught everyone off guard! Do you own it yet?

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