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Netflix Secures 2 Seasons of Pacific Rim Anime for 2020

According to a recent announcement by Legendary Entertainment, streaming giant Netflix finalized orders for 2 seasons of an animated series based on the mecha vs kaiju franchise, Pacific Rim. The announcement was made by Legendary Entertainment’s EVP of Brand Development & Consumer Producer, Elie Ekel, during the Project Anime industry event. Legendary Entertainment will get help from ...

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Netflix Preps Pacific Rim Anime

It is not a secret that the live action/CG film that is Pacific Rim is heavily inspired by the Japanese mecha and kaiju concepts. So it is not that surprising that the franchise is going to come full circle soon, as Netflix CEO Reed Hastings and CCO Ted Sarandos unveiled a Pacific Rim anime during their first ever content showcase in Asia. The Pacific Rim anime is part of 17 new, original ...


Guillermo Del Toro Clarifies Pacific Rim Sequel’s Status

Most of Guillermo Del Toro’s projects tend to encounter problems beyond the first or second movie, despite garnering praise from fans and critics alike (and in most cases despite more than breaking even at the box office.) So it’s reassuring that the director himself confirmed that the sequel to the mecha/kaiju love letter Pacific Rim, tentatively titled Pacific Rim: Maelstrom, is still ...


Pacific Rim Animated Series in the Works

Guillermo Del Toro’s Kaiju/Mecha Slugfest, Pacific Rim, didn’t exactly bring in Avengers-levels of money at the box office, but it made enough profit and garnered enough positive feedback to warrant a sequel. However, it seems like another go around at the big screens is not the only thing we can look forward to, as Del Toro recently taped a message for fans announcing not just the sequel, ...


Fan Video – Pacific Rim: How it Should Have Ended

Guillermo del Toro’s big ol’ tribute to Japan’s mecha and kaiju films Pacific Rim is one of the more divisive films released this year, possibly equaling Prometheus in the amount of praise and criticism it got (and like Prometheus, it performed a little bit below people’s expectations, especially considering that it generated a lot of buzz during the production stage.) ...

New Sneak Peek for Warner Bros.' Pacific Rim

New Sneak Peek for Warner Bros.’ Pacific Rim

Guillermo del Toro’s upcoming CG/Live Action Kaiju action flick Pacific Rim has just released a new featurette, which provides a good look at how the film’s giant robots (called the Jaegers) are driven by a two pilot system that joins man and machine via a neurological bride. You can watch the video below: ...

Bandai Releases Promo Video of Cho Gattai Robo Mickey and Friends

Bandai Releases Promo Video of Cho Gattai Robo Mickey and Friends

Details and pictures related to Bandai’s Cho Gattai Robo Mickey and Friends have already made the rounds a couple of months ago, but taking its cue from the deluge of Mecha-related newsies from Evangelion 3.0, Gundam, and Pacific Rim, as well as the revitalized Macross and Mazinger franchise, Bandai has just released a video providing a better look at their upcoming die-cast Disney ...

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