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Paperman Snags Best Short Animated Film Oscar

This doesn’t come as a surprise to anyone who’s seen the short, but the completely adorable Pixar short Paperman recently took home the Best Short Film (Animated) Academy Award. In case you haven’t seen the short yet, it focuses on a man who wants to make a connection with the woman he sees through a window across his office. He eventually makes the connection in a very creative way. In ...


Disney Releases Paperman Behind the Scenes Video

Disney and EW have just released a series of progression videos detailing the process behind their animated short film Paperman, which was directed by John Kars and features a nostalgic return to traditional 2D hand-drawn animation, while also embracing the benefits of modern 3D animation techniques. Paperman is an urban fairy tale that follows a man who it trying to catch the attention of the ...

Oscar-Nominated Animation Films from 2012

Vote for your Favorite Oscar-Nominated Animated Films

Oscar Nominations were announced this morning for the 85th Academy Awards®, scheduled to be hosted LIVE by Seth MacFarlane on February 24, 2013 on ABC. Of course, the 2 categories that all animation fans care about are the Best Animated Feature Film and Best Animated Short Film. We want to see what ToonBarn fans will pick as their favorites this year, so we have the polls open below. Go ahead ...

Disney Releases Paperman Soundtrack

Disney Releases Paperman Soundtrack

Walt Disney Records has just released the soundtrack for the award-winning animated short Paperman on digital format. The music was composed by Christophe Beck, whose past credits include The Muppets and The Hangover Part 1 and 2. The release of the soundtrack coincides with the announcement that the film has been included in the shortlist of films being considered for an Academy Award ...

Disney’s Paperman to Screen with Wreck-it-Ralph

Disney’s Paperman to Screen with Wreck-it-Ralph

Disney has recently announced that the November 2 premiere of their upcoming videogame-centric CG film Wreck-it-Ralph will also include the premiere of the studio’s acclaimed new short, titled Paperman. The short will be directed by John Kahrs and produced by Kristina Reed, and will feature a groundbreaking style that mixes the best of CG and hand drawn animation. ...

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