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Virtual Hero

Virtual Hero: Spanish YouTuber gets anime-inspired TV series

With over 28 million subscribers and 6.4 billion views, Rubén “El Rubius” Doblas Gundersen is Spain’s most popular YouTuber. After years of goofing on video games and making skits, he’s now set to hit the world of animation with Virtual Hero, which shares the title of a comic book line he launched in 2015 with illustrator Lolita Aldea – though the animated ...


FAN VIDEO: Star Fox Cartoon – A Fox in Space

Star Fox is one of those Nintendo properties that isn’t on the same level as the Marios and the Donkey Kongs when it comes to popularity, yet still has enough fan following to ensure that you’re going to see an installment for every generation. Recently, Production I.G. and WIT Studio teamed up for an animated Star Fox short called “Star Fox Zero: The Battle Begins.” It is pretty good, ...


See Harry Potter as an 80s Cyberpunk Anime

The Harry Potter franchise is not the first thing that will come to mind when you think of the word Cyberpunk (though you could eventually connect the two given some of the gadgets and visuals in the films), but Nacho Punch has recently posted a parody video that bridges the gap, reimagining J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter franchise as an 80s Cyberpunk Anime in the same vein as Akira. You can ...


Pokemon Theme Done in a ‘90s R&B Style

The opening theme from the original Pokemon animated series is easily one of the most recognizable theme songs from my generation, which is also the reason why there are dozens of different takes and parodies of it on Youtube. Musician and Youtuber Scott Bradlee has recently posted a unique new take on the song via his Saturday Morning Slow Jams series, which reimagines Cartoon theme songs as ...


College Humor Imagines Miyazaki Films in the Style of Other Anime

When it comes to anime films, Studio Ghibli’s reputation is sterling – fans don’t really find much to complain about as far as quality is concerned, both in terms of narrative and aesthetics. However, College Humor’s recent video shows that there might be some wiggle room for changes, as they reimagine some of Hayao Miyazaki’s iconic films in the style of other anime. The films being ...

Kevin Shinick was interviewed by ToonBarn's Marc Morrell twice during San Diego Comic-Con 2013

Kevin Shinick plays a MAD Supervillain at SDCC 2013

Kevin Shinick’s first job on TV was “Where in Time is Carmen SanDiego?”, in which he played the Host of the PBS Game Show. Since his debut on that show in 1996, Kevin has been a Director, Producer, Emmy and Annie Award-winning writer, Voice Artist, Full-time husband and father, and an Actor in movies, TV, and Broadway. Oh, and he occasionally likes to write comic books too. ...

Ice Age 4 Parodies The Dark Knight Rises

Ice Age 4 Parodies The Dark Knight Rises

Ice Age 4 has just released a short parody that makes fun of the upcoming Warner Bros Batman movie, The Dark Knight Rises. Ice Age 4’s version is called “The Dark Nut Rises”, and features Ice Age’s secret weapon, Scrat the Sabretooth Squirrel, as “Scratman”. ...

‘Robot Chicken’ Creators Start a New Studio

Robot Chicken creators start new studio

As creators of the wildly popular and long-running Robot Chicken series of cartoons, Seth Green and Matthew Senreich are hardly newcomers in the business, but the duo has recently started a new phase in their careers as they launched their own stop-motion animation studio with help from Buddy System’s Eric Towner and John Haratine IV. In a recent report by, the group revealed that ...

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