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Pat + Stan go global, cross network

If you’re a fan of Pat & Stan (or you have a plan for your friend Dan…?) then we’ve got some good news for you! TV-Loonland has signed a number of deals to spread the popular animated series across the globe, and even across competing networks! In Asian areas, the series will air on Nickelodeon. In Korea, the series will air on Cartoon Network. In Japan, the series ...


Pat & Stan toys

TV-Loonland is working on bringing us some cool Pat & Stan toys.  The first of which is a series of capsule toys with Bandai, the toys you can find in vending machines inside many super markets.  They’re also working with Schmidt Spiele to create plush figures of both Pat and Stan.  Each of these should be hitting stores later this year or early next.  Either way, it ...


Pat & Stan

Pat & Stan, your favorite hippo & dog combo, are going to spread themselves all over the world! TV-Loonland has worked deals with the CGI animated series to air on NRK in Norway, YLE in Finland, Icelandic Broadcasting Corp, Jetix Europe, TSR in Switzerland, and TV5 Monde in France. New episodes of the cartoon are in production now, and should be ready to air later this year. ...

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