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Bolt hits Disney’s Blu-ray 3D and DVD Combo Pack on November 8th

Did you like Bolt in 2D? Well, how about in 3D! A simple enough switch, but it brings you just one dimension closer to actually having Bolt running around your living room. That’s the hype, anyway, as Disney brings the CG animated comedy off the big screen and into your home via Disney Blu-ray 3D. […]


Viper Comics revives DIC and Cookie Jar Entertainment’s Inspector Gadget

He may be on the clumsy side, but let’s not forget Inspector Gadget is one of law enforcement’s top agents! A cyborg detective whose bionic gadgets have helped keep Dr. Claw and the agents of M.A.D. at bay for years now. Originally animated by DIC Entertainment (now Cookie Jar Entertainment), the classic 1980s toon had […]