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Disney’s Hercules Comes Out on Blu-Ray for The First Time

This coming August 12th, Walt Disney will be releasing five classic films that have never been released on Blu-Ray before, including the animated take on the Greek divine hero Heracles, or more commonly known as Hercules.

Disney is known for taking creative liberties when adapting stories and fairytales, mostly to make them more palatable to their target audience. Hercules is a great example of this, as the character is depicted as clean shaven, red (orange, actually)-haired and a gentleman. Disney’s Hercules is more Superman than brusque, brutish, and bearded demigod.

That’s not to say that they’ve made a completely new mythos and just slapped the Hercules name on top – Disney preserved some of the more important aspects of the Hercules story: he’s Zeus’ son, raised on Earth, extremely strong, and awkwardly doing heroic stuff just to impress his father and earn his place in Mount Olympus. Along the way, he finds out about Hades’ evil plan to take over Mount Olympus and usurp Zeus so he and his pals muscle up and try to throw a wrench in the evil god’s plans.

On the whole, Disney’s Hercules is more of a superhero film than a real adaptation of the mythology. As mentioned above, some of the more important aspects of Hercules and the Greek gods were preserved, but characteristics, motivations, and even alignments were changed (for instance, Hades isn’t really an out-and-out mastermind villain in Greek mythology, if at all) in order to simplify things and make sure it’s clear who you’re supposed to root for and why.

Warner Picks Up Mortadelo and Filemon

Warner Picks Up Mortadelo and Filemon

Warner Bros. Pictures Spain has recently acquired the rights for the upcoming 3D animated feature Mortadelo and Filemon, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Directed by Javier Fesser and produced by Zeta Cinema and Peliculas Pendelton, Mortadelo and Filemon is said to have a 10-million euro budget, and is based on a popular Spanish comic book called Mortadelo Y Filemon (aka Mort and Phil)

New HOP Mini Movie

New HOP Mini Movie

The hit CG animated movie HOP is coming to Blu Ray and DVD this week, and as a way of reminding you of the humor and hijinks of the rebellious young rabit E.B. (voiced by Russell Brand), Universal Studios has released “Phil’s Dance Party”, a new mini movie starring fan-favorite chicks Phil and Carlos showing off their (well, Phil’s) infectious dance moves:


Hey Arnold! Season One on Nickelodeon and Shout Factory DVD August 9th

Hey Arnold! Season One on Nickelodeon DVD today from Shout! Factory

Today is a good day. As we promised a few weeks back, Nickelodeon has teamed with Shout! Factory to bring Hey Arnold to DVD, and today is the day we finally get to bring them home! The Hey Arnold! Season One DVD includes all 20 episodes of the iconic Nick series, that originally hit the airwaves 15 years ago, in 1996. If you were a fan then, they’ve only gotten better with time – and if you’re new to the show, then you absolutely are about to get some of the best cartooning you can imagine. Check out the Shout! Factory slide show gallery, as well as the DVD box art

Hey Arnold heads to DVD from Nickelodeon and Shout Factory

Hey Arnold heads to DVD from Nickelodeon and Shout Factory

Arnold, the star of the Hey Arnold animated series, lives with his grandparents, Phil and Gertrude, owners of a boarding house called Sunset Arms. He heads to 4th grade in the morning, and if he’s not getting into trouble there with pals, schoolmates, or bullies, he waits until he’s home to do so. More often than not, Arnold’s problems all start with Helga, his personal female bully, who hides the fact that she’s totally in love with him. That is, she crushes on him so he doesn’t suspect she crushes on him. Trust us, it makes perfect sense. Want to see for yourself? Well, then you’re in luck! On August 9th, Nickelodeon is teaming with Shout! Factory to bring this entire universe home in the DVD box set Hey Arnold! Season One. All 20 episodes from the first season will make their way to the collection, just waiting for you to relive it. Check out the full press release for more details.

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