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JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Opening in MSPaint

It used to be that MS Paint was considered as the image editor of amateurs and people who just want to create something without giving a single F when it comes to quality, but over time MS Paint artwork became its own thing, where people try to produce works of art that obviously required a lot of effort while at the same time hurdling the application’s ridiculous lack of capability. As an ...

Toonbarn Giveaway: Manga Studio Debut 4

Toonbarn Giveaway: Manga Studio Debut 4

Christmas is right around the corner, and in accordance with our tradition here at Toonbarn, which is to spread Christmas cheer and uphold justice every step of the way, we’ll be giving away a bunch of free stuff. You’ve already seen our Nintendo Wii U. But what if you’re not interested in playing works of art? (which is basically what Nintendo’s games are. Works of Art, ...

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